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WS - Drile.jpg
Parents Reenst Rile
Abilities Sand master
Titles Undermastrell, Diemfen (formerly), Mastrell (formerly)
Groups Diem
Residence Kezare
Ethnicity Daysider
Nationality Lossandin
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand

Drile is a Lossandin sand master on the Dayside of Taldain.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Drile is a young man about the same age as Kenton. He has half a head of brown hair, and keeps the other half shaved bald.

Drile is a brash, impulsive young man who does not care for following rules. He is described by many as arrogant and overbearing.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Sand mastery[edit]

Drile is an incredibly powerful sand master. As a child, he impressed the mastrells overseeing his entrance exam into the Diem, displaying power seen only once or twice in a generation.[1] He is considered the only man powerful enough to possibly challenge Lord Mastrell Praxton for leadership.[2] Drile can control up to twenty-five ribbons of sand at once.[3]


Drile was a powerful sand master from a young age. He impressed Lord Mastrell Praxton with his showing during his test to become an acolent. He was viewed as a profitable recruit because of both his ability and his father's prominence.[1]

Sometime after being raised to the rank of mastrell, Drile was unadvanced to the rank of diemfen in the wake of reports that he, along with a group of other sand masters following his orders, had made plans to offer up his sand mastery in exchange for payment. Drile was the first sand master in the history of the Diem to have been unadvanced.[2]

Shortly before the attack on the Diem, Drile refused to drink from the poisoned[4] ceremonial bowl of water that Elorin gave to all of the sand masters.[2] This action, along with his survival, led Kenton to believe that Drile was somehow behind the attack that left most of the Diem dead.[5]

Following the attack, he made his way to Kezare and tried to petition the Taishin to be granted the rank of Lord Mastrell, believing himself to be the highest ranking sand master still alive, but instead the Taishin wanted to disband the Diem.[6] Kenton arrived, interrupting the meeting. Kenton forced the Taishin to not disband the Diem immediately, was made acting Lord Mastrell, and was given two weeks to secure the Diem's future. Afterwards Drile congratulated him for what he had done.[7]

Later, when Kenton arrived back at the Diem he found Drile distributing rooms in the Diem to his most loyal followers. Kenton confronted him, saying that he did not have the right to make a decision like this. Drile snarled that Kenton had no power over him, and used his sand to propel himself up to the mastrells' chambers. Kenton, to the astonishment of the watching crowd of sand masters, used his own sand to follow Drile. Kenton tried to kick Drile out of his father's chambers, Drile refused, and instead accused Kenton of betraying the Diem to the Kerztians.[7] Drile pushed Kenton off the ledge, but Kenton used his sand to catch himself and come back up. He then attacked and overpowered Drile. He commanded Drile to stay out of his father's rooms, and to take off the golden mastrell's sash he had been wearing, threatening to report him to the Taishin if he disobeyed.[8] The next day, he and a few of his followers returned to the Diem wearing black belts over their sashes.[8]

What will we do? Where will we go? Who will protect us? I've made plans for us already. I have promises--promises of wealth and protection!

—Drile ranting in front of the Diem.[3]

When Kenton returned to the Diem from his trip to the deep sands, he found Drile ranting in front of the Diem about his plans to take the sand masters elsewhere and profit from their powers. Kenton commanded him to stop spreading his paranoia through the Diem, but Drile refused to obey him. Kenton challenged Drile to a duel in the dueling pit, to take place right after the Taishin make their final vote on the fate of the Diem. Drile accepted his challenge on condition that their fight would take place before the vote and not after, and Kenton agreed. Kenton explained his rationale to Aarik, that even if he dies and Drile becomes Lord Mastrell, at which he would do a horrible job, other better leaders will follow after him, and even Drile will not be able to change the Diem's charter after Kenton changed it to give the Diem a more sustainable future.[3]

Drile came to taunt Kenton when he was showing Khriss the dueling pit where their fight was to take place, but Kenton brushes him off.[9] Kenton, while traveling to Lraezare, tried overmastering to increase the power of his mastery in order to increase his chances in his upcoming fight with Drile, and succeeds, becoming able to control five ribbons of sand, not just three.[10]

Before the duel began Elorin gave each of them water to drink from different ceremonial bowls, and gave an opening speech. Drile used all twenty-five of his ribbons to fight Kenton's five, and quickly overpowered him. Drile knocked Kenton to the ground and stood over him, taunting him for his failure.[11]

Kenton remembered his early career at the Diem and how he never gave up and the memory inspired him to restart the fight. Kenton began fighting with what he knew best and had trained himself for years to become the best at-- fighting with only one ribbon. He used his ribbon with skill interrupting ribbon after ribbon of Drile's. Drile grew frustrated and started fighting more desperately. As a last resort Drile tried doing what Praxton had done that day in the Kerla, produce an explosion of sand to decimate his enemies, or in this case his enemy, Kenton. Drile began gathering power about himself, but then suddenly collapsed in a heap, dehydrated. Kenton, victorious, helped Drile to his feet, spared his life, and had a stretcher haul him away to recover. After the Taishin casted their votes, in the Diem's favor, Kenton went to check on Drile in his sick bed. Drile told him that he felt weak during their fight, the same way he had felt when he was attacked by the Kerztians in the Kerla. Kenton theorized that someone had been trying to ensure that the Diem would be led by a weak ruler, Kenton. Together they realized that someone must have poisoned the water Drile had drank before this fight and the water they had both drank before the fight in the Kerla. They soon realized that it must have been Elorin, and Kenton confronted and killed him.[4]

Afterwards Kenton, with Drile at his side, led the Diem in a new direction, different from how it was run in the past.[4]


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