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WS - Aarik.jpg
Parents Raagent
Titles Lord General[1]
Profession Taisha[1]
Groups Taishin, The Tower
Residence The Tower Garrison
Ethnicity Daysider
Nationality Lossandin
Homeworld Taldain
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared White Sand

How are you coping with not being dead?

—Aarik to Kenton on their reunion.[2]

Aarik is the Lord General of the Tower of Soldiers of Lossand, and childhood friend of Kenton.

Personality and Appearance[edit]

I'm a strong proponent of humiliating trackts and others in authority, but killing them is a bit extreme.

—Aarik to Lokmlen, defending Ais.[2]

Aarik is generally sarcastic, but hints at a more sincere layer beneath his smile. He shows little concern and even jokes lightly during serious and dangerous situations. He shows little respect, especially for authority, but he defends Ais—a trackt—when her life is threatened.[2] His sense of humour is rather acerbic, and he is shown to be rather gloomy when on his own. After Aarik picks up a sword again his personality drastically changes and he becomes cold, formal, and distant. This gets even worse after he becomes Lord General.[1]

Aarik has brown hair cut short on the right side and dropping to shoulder length on his left. He tends to wear a cape along with utilitarian clothing, including a number of leather pouches at his belt. He has tanned skin, likely stemming from his exposure to UV light on the Darkside.[3] The sword he used was given to him as a gift from Kenton, however he discarded the sword when he fled Dayside and only kept the scabbard as a memento.[4]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Aarik is quick on his feet, proving himself able to evade an armed enemy in very close quarters without needing to make use of his own weapon.[2] He is, however, a skilled tonk rider[5], and swordsman [1] with reflexes quick enough to catch a zinkall bolt in mid-air.[6]


He became friends with Kenton at a young age, giving him a basic understanding of the sand masters. His father—Lord General Raagent—disowned Aarik for unknown reasons. Approximately three years ago, Aarik fled Dayside and traveled to Darkside; though his reasons are only implied.[2][3] He returned to see Kenton and talk with his father.[4]

All these years and Kenton still thinks your father drove you away! He doesn't have any clue.

—Aarik, debating himself to stay or leave.[4]

Aarik believed Kenton to be dead for two weeks before hearing that his friend had survived. Aarik arrived at the Diem shortly after Kenton is named acting Lord Mastrell. The two were reunited and spent some time catching up. Aarik spent the night in Kenton's apartments before being given accomodations in the Diem. When Drile arrived in the morning, Aarik seemed skeptical of Kenton's suspicion that Drile was behind the Kerztian attack on the Diem.[2]

Aarik went with Kenton to many of the Taishin when Kenton was petitioning for their favor and trying to sway their votes to keep the Diem alive.[7][8] This included his father, Raagent, the Lord General.[5] During the events of the hunt, when Aarik rescued his father from the karak, the two appeared to have mended their relationship somewhat, and are seen on friendly terms when Kenton is leaving,[5] though Aarik quipped that even if his father was still angry with him, he still tried to give Aarik a sword.[4]

Aarik: Sorry, I must get this.

Khriss: Aarik, you caught it! How'd you—

Aarik: Hand-eye coordination. Nothing to it.

—Aarik, intercepting a zinkall bolt.[4]

After helping Kenton search the Diem for the missing lak and learning of the assassination attempt in Lonzare, he realized how dire the situation had become and considered leaving Kenton to his fate. Ultimately, he chose to stay on account of their friendship and because Kenton's cause was just and Kenton was willing to sacrifice himself fighting Drile to save the Diem.[4]

After the second meeting with Lord Merchant Vey, while they are dining in the restaurant, assassins again attack Kenton. Aarik continued eating, and claimed that Kenton can take care of himself; then he caught a stray zinkall bolt coming toward the table where he and Duchess Khrissalla were eating. Aarik then noticed an assassin disguised as the waitstaff and subdued him to the table.[6]

During the next assassination attempt on the boat returning thier party to Kezare from Lraezare, Aarik realized that because Kenton had overmastered he would not be able to defend himself without access to mastered sand. Aarik was forced to choose between letting Kenton die or picking up a weapon and actively fighting to defend him. After a brief internal struggle, Aarik chose to fight to defend Kenton, killing six Kerztian assassins. After the fight, Aarik's personality seemed to change radically; he goes from jovial and outgoing to cold and formal. Kenton says that Aarik was raised in a very strict home, and he beleived his carefree attitude had been him rebelling against that upbringing.[1]

After Ais discovers the body of Raagent in the wine cellar of the Tower, Kenton asked Aarik to take the title of Lord General to insure his vote in maintaining the Diem; Aarik agreed reluctantly but became even colder and more withdrawn,[1] causing Kenton to fear he had caused Aarik permanent mental harm.[9]

Aarik attended the duel between Kenton and Drile at the Diem. When the Taishin voted, Lord General Aarik voted in favor of the Diem.[10]


Look on the bright side. Even if you fail, at least we'll spend the next two weeks living like kings!

—Aarik's synopsis of Kenton's predicament.[2]

Be careful, Kenton—a Kerztian puzzle can be pieced together in more than one way...

—Aarik's response to the poisoning of the sand masters.[2]

Khriss: Your father? Who are you?

Aarik: Someone of no import, and determined to stay that way.

—After the meeting with Lord Artisan Rite.[7]


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