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Children Aarik
Died killed by Sharezan[1]
Titles Lord General[2]
Groups Taishin, The Tower
Residence Kezare
Ethnicity Daysider
Nationality Lossandin
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand

All politics is founded on hypocrisy.


Raagent is the Lord General of the Tower in Lossand.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He has fair Daysider skin and long brown hair. He has a long goatee and a drooping moustache.[3]


In the first vote of the Taishin he votes for the dissolution of the Diem.[4]

Boy, I just saw you cut the head off of a seventy-foot tall monster! I don't care what I have to do, that isn't the kind of power we can afford to cut free.

—Raagent to Kenton after he killed the second KaRak.[3]

He goes on a hunting trip to the deep sands in an attempt to avoid Kenton,[5] but Kenton and Aarik chase after him. When they arrive Raagent invites Kenton to join him on his deep sandling hunt. On the ride to the deep sand they discuss the different types of sandlings, and Raagent asks Kenton how much it will cost him to hire the sand masters. He says that the reason he wants to dismantle the Diem is so he could have their prestige for himself, and he cares nothing for their power. He then says that he has changed his and simply wants the Diem destroyed. He goes off to deal the killing blow to the KaRak his soldiers captured and weakened for him. Kenton starts to walk away and suddenly a woman comes flying towards him and he turns around to see a much larger KaRak, the first one's mother, attacking Raagent and his soldiers. Kenton distracts the sandling, giving Aarik an opening to ride in on his tonk, saving Raagent's life. Kenton then goes back and uses his sand to kill the creature. Raagent is impressed by Kenton's showing, and after Kenton agrees to give the Tower a contingent of sand masters to use, Raagent agrees to vote for the Diem. Kenton leaves, and Aarik and his father eat together for the first time in years.[3]

He tries to set up a meeting with Senior Trackt Ais to betray Sharezan. Sharezan finds out and traps the building, but Raagent realizes in time and escapes safely.[6]

Presumably as revenge for his attempted betrayal, Sharezan personally executes Raagent in a brutal fashion. He sneaks into Raagent's sleeping chambers in the Tower, uses Raagent's ShalRim bed sheets to tie him up, and then brings him down into the Tower's wine cellar where his cries for help won't be heard. Sharezan props Raagent up against a wall and lights candles to provide some light in the darkness of the cellar. He then dosed him with kamo, an emotional stimulant, and cut off his eyelids. Since, like all Daysiders, Raagent was afraid of the dark, the kamo, combined with the growing darkness from the candles burning out, caused Raagent's mind to conjure up all sorts of horrors. Since he couldn't close his eyes he was forced to endure these nightmares until he died from the fright.[1] Baon theorizes that the murder was done in order to lessen Kenton's chances of winning all of the Taishins' votes, since Raagent was one of Kenton's supporters.[7]

After Raagent's death, at Kenton's request, Aarik reluctantly becomes the new Lord General in his father's place and votes in favor of the Diem.[1][8]


  • He is the father of Aarik, whom he disowned at some point in the past.
  • He was dealing with Sharezan. It is unclear what exactly their relationship was.[1]


  • In the prose he was named Reegent.

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