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Spouse Mellis
Children Melloni
Profession Trackt
Residence Kezare
Ethnicity Kerztian
Nationality Lossandin
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand
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I serve only justice, Lokmlen, and justice belongs to the Sand Lord.


Ais is a senior trackt in Lossand on the Dayside of Taldain. She is married to Mellis and has one daughter, Melloni. she was raised in an orphanage.[2]

Personality & Appearance[edit]

Ais has a very serious, somber personality, though she reserves a softer side for her family. She cares deeply for her family and colleagues. Despite an eighteen year relationship with Lady Heelis, Ais maintains an air of formality in the woman's presence. Her disposition seems weighed down by her inability to catch Sharezan, a fear for her family's safety at the hands of her enemies, and a sense of guilt at her lack of religious fervor.[3]

Ais has brown, shoulder length hair, dark eyes, and tan skin. She wears earrings and a Kerztian headpiece set with a blue gem. She wears the black uniform of a trackt, with a black cape marking her high rank. She wears a sword and zinkall when on duty.[1]


Ais has been hunting the crime lord Sharezan in Kezare for some time. She believes that Sharezan's true identity is Nilto but has been unable to find any proof. A recent raid left many of her men dead or wounded.[4] This paired with a threat directed at her family[3] has left Ais discouraged.

Lady Heelis has asked Ais to follow and spy on Kenton under the guise of offering protection.[3] Despite her hatred of sand mastery, as of Volume 2, her sense of duty has overpowered that hatred. However, though she protects Kenton, she privately supports the ideals of the assassins who are repeatedly sent after him.[5]

In an attempt to protect her family, Ais has sent them away from Kezare for the time being while she continues to pursue her goals.[6]


In the original, prose version of White Sand, Ais was male, and Mellis was his wife. This was changed to make the character more interesting.[7]


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