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Profession Soldier
Groups The Tower
Residence Kezare
Ethnicity Daysider
Nationality Lossandin
Homeworld Taldain
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared White Sand

Officer Gremt is a member of The Tower on the Dayside of Taldain. He was one of the soldiers who taught Kenton how to use a sword. He meets Kenton and the rest of his group when they come looking for the missing Lord General Raagent. He begrudgingly helps Ais when she searches the tower for clues of Raagent's whereabouts.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is of average height and has black hair and a black goatee. He wears the uniform of the tower: a light blue shirt with golden ornamentation, loose blue pants, a brown belt, tall brown boots, and a white cape. He carries a spear while guiding Kenton and Ais' group.[1]


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