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Jon Acron
Died killed by Khriss[1]
Profession Anthropologist, Assassin
Groups Dynasty[1]
Ethnicity Darksider
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand

Jon Acron is a professor and anthropologist from the Darkside of Taldain. He is an assassin working for Skathan, ruler of The Dynasty.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Either that or he thinks he died and his god has a very odd sense of humor, Duchess.

—Jon Acron[2] to Khriss[3]

Acron has dark skin, shoulder length black hair with a receding hairline, and a mustache with a small goatee. In Volume 1 he wears a white coat except for in one frame where he wears a black coat.[4] In Volume 2 he wears white, grey, and purple coats. In Volume 3 he is only seen wearing purple coats. He has a somewhat haughty personality. He thinks he is better than so-called primitive peoples and often comments to that effect.


In the Desert[edit]

Acron travels with Duchess Khrissalla, fellow Professor Cynder, and Baon to visit Dayside ostensibly to find Gevin and the sand mages. Acron and his party find Kenton unconscious in a tent near the area of the Kerla that the sand masters were massacred. They awaken him and he shows them how to find water from the dorim vines, and then guides them to Kezare.[3]

In Kezare[edit]

After an eventful journey during which they were attacked by Kerztian assassins, they arrived in Kezare. Kenton and the group then parted ways, Kenton heading to the Diem, and Acron and the rest of the group going to the Darksider quarter, Lonzare. Acron picked up a trinket, a Kerztian headband, while passing through the market.[3] Later he came to Khriss while she was alone to try to make her suspicious of Baon.[5] Soon after Khriss confronted Baon, who admitted to have been working for the Dynasty and left the group.[6]

I'm no Baon, my lady. I'm ill-equipped for such heavy physical labor.

—Jon Acron to Khriss.[7]

When they moved into the Diem Acron carried Khriss' suitcase and she admonished him for not being careful with it.

In the conversation that followed, Acron laughed off the possibility that either he or Cynder could also betray Khriss, calling it preposterous.

Yes, for safekeeping. Which is to say your safekeeping. But Cynder can be such a cack-handed oaf that I thought it best if I... bring it.

—Jon Acron to Khriss.[1]

Afterwards Khriss gave Gevins pistol, which she had received from Nilto, to Cynder to use to guard her since Baon was no longer around to do so. Later when Khriss and Kenton were attacked in the restaurant, Acron used the pistol Khriss had given Cynder to save her life. Afterwards when Khriss confronted him, asking why he had the gun and not Cynder, he claimed to have taken it from Cynder for her safekeeping.

Afterwards he seemed to be in a state of shock, and Aarik tried to comfort him. But when Khriss went off with N'Teese to see Nilto, Acron stammered a mumbled excuse and ran after her. Aarik noted that it was an oddly quick recovery.[1]

Later, when Khriss confronted Nilto at the docks and revealed him to be Gevin, Acron pulled out a gun and tried to kill Gevin, revealing himself as an agent of the Dynasty on a mission to kill Gevin. Baon then reappeared and pushed a crate of fruit onto Acron, knocking him over. While Khriss and Baon were speaking, Acron reached out to the gun that was knocked from his hand and fired it, grazing Baon on the arm and knocking him over. Khriss and Gevin scattered and Acron chased after Khriss. When he caught up to her, Khriss used a crane to knock Acron off the pier and to his death in the harbor.[1]


Acron: "I wonder what kind of city it will be, professor. "
Cynder: "The kind where men of learning get shot at by savages, I would hazard, Jon. "
Acron: "Now remember, my esteemed friend- a true man of learning retains an open mind! "

―Jon Acron speaking with Cynder.[2][3]


  • In White Sand Volume 1 Jon Acron and Cynder's speech bubbles are occasionally misattributed, particularly when they converse with one another. Noting the clothing of the speaker and context of the quote is required to catch these mistakes. For example, Jon wears white in most of Volume 1, though in at least one frame their clothing was switched.[8]


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