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Titles Prince of Elis, Lord Beggar[1]
Aliases Gevin, Nilto[1]
Groups Taishin (unofficial)
Residence Kezare
Ethnicity Darksider
Nationality Elisian
Homeworld Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In White Sand

My prince sought a weapon, Loaten. If you know how he died or what he found then I need to know.


Gevalden, nicknamed Gevin, is a prince of the Kingdom of Elis on the Darkside of Taldain and the former fiancé of Khrissalla. He is currently known as the Lord Beggar Nilto, the unofficial Taisha of the beggars of Lossand.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Gevalden wears a hood and has his face entirely wrapped in cloth, as a result of a pistol shot to the face that completely destroyed his features.[1]

He is an influential leader in Elis, and is one of the strongest opponents of the Dynasty. He believes in the rights of all people, and does all he can to help others.[3]


Gevalden was the second son of the king of Elis, and was betrothed to the Duchess Khrissalla in an important political arrangement before his untimely death.[4] Gevalden journeyed to Dayside in search of the mythical sand mages, who are reputed by Darksider children's stories to hold many magical powers.[4] Khriss believed that he sought to recruit or use the sand mages as a weapon to undermine the Dynasty.[5]

He began to gain a large amount of influence amongst the people of Lossand under the name Nilto, becoming known as the Lord Beggar, and through his influence, becoming a de facto Taisha.[6] At some point, Ais began to suspect him of being the violent crime lord known as Sharezan, and dedicated herself to finding evidence to convict him.[citation needed]

News of Gevin's death prompted his fiancée to organize her own journey to Dayside in search of the sand mages and the truth behind Gevalden's death.[4] After arriving in Kezare, Khriss met with Loaten who informed her that Gevalden reached Kezare as well but gave up on his original goal before he died. Loaten was reluctant to share more details with Khrissalla, but implicated the Dynasty.[2] Khriss supposed that Gevin must also have met with the Lossandin Taishin during his time in Kezare.[7] Upon her discovery of the sand masters, she assumed that he must have found the Diem as well and petitioned them for help, though Kenton has no records of such a meeting.[8] Upon her first encounter with Nilto, the Lord Beggar gave her Gevalden's pistol and ring, but refused to explain why they were in his possession.[9]

During a meeting with Khriss, Nilto mistakenly called her by her nickname, letting her realize his true identity as Gevin. She confronted him at the docks as he was attempting to leave the city, and he claimed he no longer had any duty or obligation to Elis. Jon Acron appeared and revealed himself to be an assassin sent by the Dynasty to kill Gevalden, and he shot Baon before chasing after Khriss and Gevin. Khriss used a crane to knock him to his death in the harbor. She again asked Gevin to return with her to Darkside, but he explained that he wanted to choose his own path, and that he could never return after his injury two years ago.[1]



While their engagement was arranged for political reasons, Gevalden's pet name for her, Khriss, suggests the prince held some personal affection for the duchess.[4] Khriss's own grief over her fiancé's death suggests that she returned the sentiment.[10] After discovering his identity as Nilto, Khriss asks him to stay with her and return to Elis. She explains that although she knows all they had was simply a contrivance of tradition, she still could have loved him. Gevalden tells her that she has outgrown him, and this is no longer true.[1]


Gevalden associated with Loaten after reaching Kezare, and the two apparently became friends to some degree, as evidenced by Loaten's use of the prince's nickname, Gevin.


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