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Residence Lonzare
Ethnicity Darksider
Homeworld Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In White Sand

You're infamous on Darkside, you know. Traitor to the dynasty, executed -- or so we're told -- for trying to murder Emperor Skathan himself.

Khrissalla to Loaten.[1]

Loaten is a Darksider currently living in Lonzare, the Darksider quarter of Kezare.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Loaten is a portly dark skinned man. He has a thin goatee and long thick sideburns but is otherwise bald. He has a distinctive scar on his neck. He wears a pin striped gray robe over a blue shirt, and wears a ring on every one of his fingers.[1]


Loaten was Emperor Skathan's chief minister of diplomacy. He fell from power when he tried to kill Skathan. He was said to have been executed, but in reality he fled to Dayside.

Loaten met Gevalden during his search for the Sand Mages and knows what became of him. When Khriss came to Lonzare N'Teese, for a fee, brought her to see Loaten. He recognized her as the "missing Elisian Duchess". When Khriss asked him for information about what Gevin was searching for and about his fate, but Loaten refused to give her more than hints, saying that he is not allowed to tell her. He then assigned N'Teese to act as her guide while she was in Kezare. Nilto interrupted their meeting and made her leave the office. As Khriss left the room Baon saw Loaten through the doorway, recognized him as a traitor, and raised his pistol to shoot him before Khriss pacified him and they made a hasty exit.


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