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World Taldain
Featured In White Sand
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Sandlings are creatures that live in the deep sand of Taldain.

Appearance and Anatomy[edit]

Sandlings are large creatures, significantly larger than a human. They appear to be arthropods, with a hard, segmented carapace. However, some sections of a Sandling's body are covered in interlocking scales, like a reptile. Unlike arthropods, they have mouths with long teeth, a tongue, and liquid saliva. Though they appear to have eyelids, they cannot see, and must "feel" to find their prey..[1] As seen in White Sand Volume 2, they have different varieties, such as one that works as a trap, hiding in the sand until something touches it, and one that looks nothing like the original, showing a form similar to a giant, wingless dragon.


Sandlings live in deep sand and only surface to hunt. Their shell and skin is dissolved by water.[1] Plants such as the Dorim vine have water inside them for protection against Sandlings and other sand creatures.[2] Some Sandlings have Terken shells, making them immune to Sand Mastery. Any sand touching terken shells becomes black, and it can be made into liquid form to make a user immune. Terken shells are said to be on only the oldest Sandlings, and Terken sandlings are very rare.


Sandlings are similar to Chasmfiends, and other greatshells found on Roshar.

Sandlings are also similar to (and probably inspired by) the Sandworms of Arrakis, found in Frank Herbert's Dune. Sandworms are also gargantuan creatures that live beneath the desert sands, and emerge when they feel a disturbance in the sand. Water is toxic to Sandworms, and they avoid it just as Sandlings do. Brandon has acknowledged Dune as significant inspiration for White Sand. [3]


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