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Mastrell's Path

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Mastrell's Path
Related to Sand mastery
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand

The Mastrell's Path is the name of a test used by the sand masters of Taldain. The law does not restrict who may take the test, although it is meant only for those who have already achieved the highest rank of Mastrell. The test is not mandatory and many Mastrells choose not to take it. The Path was created by the very most powerful and egotistical sand masters as a way of showcasing their superiority and is therefore extraordinarily challenging.[1]

The Path consists of five spheres hidden around the Kerla. The challenger is not allowed to take any water and must find as many spheres as he can within a Dayside hour, or 100 minutes. The challenger is monitored by a group of Mastrells; he may request help at any time, but if he does, his run is automatically terminated.[1] There is no "pass" or "fail", as one's performance is judged by how many spheres he is able to obtain within the time limit.[2]

Central to the Path is a massive deep sandling, normally only found in the deep sands but isolated on the Kerla for unknown reasons. This sandling is even more rare because it is Terken, or immune to the powers of sand mastery. The Mastrells have fed the creature for centuries and used it as the final guardian for the fifth sphere.

The Mastrell's Path is destroyed forever by Kenton, who killed the deep sandling during his run of the Path.


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