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World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand

Terken is a term used on Taldain to describe an object that is immune to the effects of sand mastery. When mastered sand touches something that is terken, it turns black and falls away.[1]

Occurrences and Use[edit]

Of course, this sandling is terken--it's impervious to sand mastery. Its touch kills the sand's energy.


The property occurs naturally, as there are deep sandlings on the Dayside of Taldain with terken carapace.[2] Sandling carapace dissolves in water,[3] and it is possible to use dissolved terken carapace to coat weapons or armor, making them immune to the effects of sand mastery.[1] It is also possible to make terken oil using a similar method; the oil can be used to coat a person's entire body, making them entirely immune to the touch of mastered sand.[4] These techniques are not well-known in Lossand,[1] but they can be used in order to help fight sand masters. Many of the Kerztian assassins that attacked Kenton had terken armor and weapons, and in some cases their entire bodies were coated in terken oil.[4] Sand masters can still use their powers to manipulate nearby objects that are not covered in a terken substance.[1]


It is not clear why terken objects resist the sand controlled by sand masters. However, other objects in the cosmere are known to resist Investiture either inherently (such as anything made of aluminum)[5] or through outside influence (such as objects that are already Invested).[6]


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