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Spouse Kenton's mother
Children Kenton
Died [1]
Abilities Sand master
Titles Lord Mastrell
Groups Diem, Taishin
Ethnicity Daysider
Nationality Lossandin
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand
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Lord Mastrell Praxton is the leader of the sand masters in Lossand on the Dayside of Taldain.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Praxton is an elderly man with a bald head. He has blue eyes and gray eyebrows.

Praxton is noted as a strong leader, not just for the incredible strength of his sand mastery, but also because of his sheer willpower.[1]



Praxton married a Darksider woman, with whom he had a number of children, including Kenton, his youngest son. None of his children, except for Kenton, are able to use sand mastery.[2]

Kenton's entrance into the Diem[edit]

During Kenton's entrance exam for the Diem, he is barely able to command a tiny amount of sand. Praxton publicly disparages his own son and attempts to block Kenton's entrance into the Diem using his authority as Lord Mastrell. However, Kenton enters the Diem anyway by reciting the law, as the trainee rank of Acolent is the only rank over which Praxton has no authority over.[2]

Kenton's undertaking of the Mastrell's Path[edit]

Eight years later, Praxton and Kenton are again publicly arguing. Praxton has offered to Advance Kenton four times to the rank of underfen, which Kenton has refused. Now, Kenton wishes to take the Mastrell's Path, an undertaking meant for Mastrells, the highest rank of sand master, only. Despite Praxton's objections, Kenton undertakes the Mastrell's Path and succeeds.[2]

Advancement ceremony[edit]

Shortly later, Praxton presides over the Advancement ceremony for the Acolents of the Diem, with nearly the entirety of the guild gathered. During the ceremony, he takes the unprecedented act of Unadvancing Mastrell Drile to the rank of Diemfen. He also attempts to Advance Kenton to the rank of Fen despite his completion of the Mastrell's Path. Kenton refuses to become a Fen and Praxton begrudgingly relents, giving him Drile's Mastrell sash. Praxton knows that Kenton will face a difficult life from the other sand masters, who will believe that Kenton's rank will be undeserved.[1]

As he is giving Kenton the Mastrell sash, Praxton is hit by an arrow from a Kertzian surprise attack. Praxton is disabled for most of the fight as many of his fellow sand masters are being slaughtered. Praxton is able to recover enough for one final attack, unleashing a massive wave of sand across the entire battlefield, indiscriminately targeting hundreds of combatants, friend and foe alike. Praxton is killed during this final attack, however his attack protects Kenton by burying him in sand and ends the battle.[1]


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