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Type Spice
Used for Poison
World of Origin Taldain
Universe Cosmere

KaDo is a rare Kerztian spice on Taldain. It accelerates dehydration and can cause people to act rashly. KaDo can serve as a poison in the parched desert climate of Dayside. It is particularly effective on sand masters since they naturally become dehydrated while using their powers.[1][2]


Kerztian Attack on the Diem[edit]

Elorin used KaDo to poison the bowl that was used for a ceremonial drink shared by all of the sand masters in the Diem during an advancement ceremony in the Kerla. This caused the sand masters to overmaster and dehydrate almost immediately when they were attacked by Kerztian warriors. The strongest Mastrells were the first to fall to dehydration and overmastery; likely because controlling more ribbons already increases the rate of dehydration, and that rate was increased by the KaDo.

The Kerztians would not have usually attacked such a large groups of sand masters, but the effect of the KaDo left the Diem exceptionally vulnerable; nearly all of their members who fought were massacred or died through overmastery.[1]

Drile and Kenton's Duel[edit]

Before Drile's duel with Kenton, Elorin dosed the water bowls for both Kenton and Drile. Kenton notes his eyes were already feeling dehydrated after the first volley of mastered sand.[3] Drile also became dehydrated unusually quickly, and began to overburn to win the duel when Kenton began to make a come-back.[2]

After the fight, the two mastrells concluded that someone must have poisoned them hoping to ensure that a weak leader would rule the Diem, or that overburning might injure the Taishin watching the duel and send all of Lossand into chaos. Drile mentioned that the only other time he had seen similar weakness was during the attack in the Kerla, and recalled that Elorin was the person who gave out water that day.[1][2]

Kenton confronted Elorin, who confessed that he was a traitor and explained how he had accomplished the poisonings. Elorin attacked Kenton with his zinkall before dying to a ribbon of sand.[2]


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