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Dayside map.jpg
Capital Ker Kedasha
Region Dayside
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere

Kerzta is an influential nation on the Dayside of Taldain.


Kerzta is located in the southwest region of Dayside. It is bordered to the east by Lossand and the Kerla, and the northern border is not well defined. The capital of Kerzta is Ker Kedasha.[1]

Despite no rivers or bodies of fresh water in Kerzta, the nation is not located in a desert due to the prevalence of dorim vines.[2]


The kingship of Kerzta has been historically controlled by the high priest. As a result, Kerzta was often at war with Lossand in the past for religious and political reasons. Over time, the nobility began to be dominated by more merchants than priests, which led to the crowning of a high merchant as king 200 years ago.[2] This brought a time of relative peace for the sake of economic gain.

The A'kar has much popularity'n. He says he destroyed the Ry'Kenshan, that the Sand Lord is very pleased with him. And the time of Choosing comes very soon...

—a Kerztian merchant to Kenton[2]


Kerzta is ruled by a king who is elected every fifty years by the nobility in an event known as the Choosing. The current king of Kerzta is the high merchant, from the merchant DaiKeen.[2]

The nobility of Kerzta are known as the Klin. The Kli title is hereditary, passing from father to son.[2]

The current A'kar's popularity has increased dramatically in recent times, leading many to believe he will be elected king in the upcoming Choosing. He claims to have earned the Sand Lord's favor by seeing the sand masters destroyed.[2]


Kerztian social structure is shaped by the DaiKeenin, which determine ones profession and class.

Most people in Kerzta follow Ker'reen, which calls for worship of the Sand Lord and vehemently denounces sand mastery.[2]


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