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Professions Hall.jpg
Leader Lady Judge Heelis
Headquarters Trackt Hall
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand
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The Trackts are the law enforcement agents of Lossand on the Dayside of Taldain. Their headquarters is in Trackt Hall inside of the Hall of Judgement.[1]

The trackts are one of the eight Professions represented in the Taishin with the Lady Judge, who is currently Heelis, as their leader.[1] They are part of The Hall of Judges, Trackts, and Scribes.[2] Their day to day duties, however, are overseen by the Senior Trackt, formerly Ais, who is currently unknown.[3] The trackts seek to be impartial when it comes to enforcing the law.[1]


Trackts all wear dark grey boots and pants with a lighter grey robe and a dark grey cape over that. They are all are armed with zinkallin and wear brown belts with silver buckles which have many pouches.[4]


During the crisis in the Diem, the trackts were seeking to capture the crime lord Sharezan. After the Taishin gave Kenton two weeks to rally support for the Diem, Lady Judge Heelis removed Senior Trackt Ais from heading the search for Sharezan and assigned her as a bodyguard for Kenton to spy on him and report back about his actions and character.[1] In the meanwhile Ais put Tain in charge of the investigation.[5] After successfully raiding one of Sharezan’s dens and hearing that one of his main allies wants to split with the organization, the trackts offered sanctuary for them in return for information.[5] When that ally, Lord General Raagent, tried to meet up with them, however, Sharezan caused an explosion at the meeting place.[6] Once Raagent went missing, he was found murdered by Sharezan with his eyelids cut off in his chilling cellar for wine.[7]

After hearing from Tain that Lokmlen, one of Sharezan's associates who Ais captured when she was still heading the investigation, broke, Ais went with him to the supposed location of Sharezan's safehouse where Tain revealed that he is Sharezan and gave Ais the choice between rescuing her family or the children at the orphanage where she grew up. She told an unnamed trackt that she ran into on her way home to go to the orphanage and arrived at her house to see Kenton defeating Tain. Tain was then imprisoned to be tried for his crimes.[8]

After all of this took place, Ais decided to resign from the trackts and left Lossand with her family.[8][3]

Known Trackts[edit]


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