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Siblings Lossa
Homeworld Taldain
Universe Cosmere

Kerzt is an ancient historical figure on Taldain. Kerzt and his sister Lossa both claimed to have been visited by the Sand Lord. Lossa ended up gaining the powers of sand mastery, while Kerzt did not.[1]


Kerzt is traditionally depicted as a short man with a beard. He wears a hooded robe and carries a thin staff or cane.[1]

Legend and Legacy[edit]

The siblings are the namesakes of the modern-day nations of Kerzta and Lossand. According to Kerztian tradition, Lossa's sand mastery was a curse, and Kerzt tried to righteously kill her for her offense to the Sand Lord. Conversely, Lossandins say that Lossa was blessed with her power, and Kerzt tried to kill her out of jealousy, which caused her to flee into the desert and found Lossand. Either way, the siblings disagreed on how to worship the Sand Lord, and their beliefs formed the basis of the Ker'reen religion and the Los'seen philosophy.[2]

This schism was never resolved, and it led to wars between the two nations despite their shared heritage and similar language. Even during times of peace, members of each ethnic group that live in the other nation are stereotyped or met with scorn.[2][3]


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