Ry'DoAli River

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Ry'DoAli River
Kezare Map.jpg
Type River
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere

The Ry'DoAli River (or simply Ry'DoAli) is a major river in Lossand on the Dayside of Taldain.


The name "Ry'DoAli" is Kerztian for "The Vein of Cursed Waters."[1] The river was given this name because Kerztians believe that so much water in one place is unholy, and they are typically wary of approaching it.[2]


The Ry'DoAli flows south from the KraeDa mountains through the center of Lossand into the Southern Border Ocean.[3]

Most of Lossand's territory is barren until you approach the river, since dorim vines do not grow in the area's shallow sands. The river is the primary water source for Lossand, and it is only possible for society to exist near the river's banks.[2][4] Although the river enables agriculture, grain grown on its banks is "stunted" due to poor soil conditions.[4]

The capital of Lossand, Kezare, is located on a pair of islands where the Ry'DoAli meets the Nor'Tallon River.[1] Ferries are used to transport people and goods between the shore and the islands of Kezare.[2][3] The city of Lraezare lies on the coast at the mouth of the river.[5] The river is very wide and navigable by large ships, and smaller settlements can be seen along its length when sailing between Kezare and Lraezare.[5]


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