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Dayside map.jpg
Capital Kezare
Region Dayside
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere

Lossand is a nation on the Dayside of Taldain. Residents of Lossand are called Lossandins. It is notable for being the home of the Diem, and for being considered a desert by the Kerztians due to a lack of dorim vines. Lossand is ruled by the Taishin.[1]


Borders and Territories[edit]

Lossand is situated on the southern side of Dayside. Its borders form the shape of a wedge, stretching from Mount KraeDa in the north to the southern Border Ocean in the south. Lossand is bordered by uninhabited deep sand to the east, the Kerla of the nation of Kerzta to the west and north. The Ry'DoAli River runs directly through the center of the nation. The Nor'Tallon River flows from the eastern mountain range and joins the Ry'DoAli.[2]


Lossand is considered a desert, despite the water table provided by two rivers, due to a lack of dorim vines. Wells are unreliable, so settlement is confined to islands in the rivers and irrigable land on the river banks. Like all of Dayside, the temperature is hot-and steadily so since the sun is always shining.[1] There is usually a steady breeze to help alleviate the heat.[3] Near Mt. KraeDa, the sun is at the zenith;[4] but at the southern coast, the sun is low enough in the sky that Darksiders can forgo their sunglasses.[5]

Notable Cities[edit]

  • Kezare, the capital, is located in the northern half of Lossand, where the Ry'DoAli and Nor'Tallon Rivers meet.
  • Lraezare lies on the southern coast at the mouth of the Ry'DoAli River.


According to legend, Lossand was founded when two siblings-Kerzt and Lossa-each claimed to have received visions from the Sand Lord; but the contents of those visions were disputed. Lossa claimed to have been blessed by the Sand Lord with sand mastery and, after assassination attempts by her brother, fled into the desert and eventually founded the nation of Lossand along the banks of the Ry'DoAli.[4][1]

Relations between Lossand and Kerzta were often strained in the past, primarily due to religious rhetoric from the Kerztian clergy who claim that Lossand is a desert because it is cursed by the Sand Lord. The Kerztian priest DaiKeen is particularly opposed to Lossand's acceptance of sand mastery. This left the two nations frequently in a state of war with one another.[4]

Tensions were eased two hundred years ago when a member of the Merchant DiaKeen was selected as the new king of Kerzta, but growing support behind Kerzta's high priest has cast doubt on the possibility of continued peace.[4]


Lossand is ruled by the Taishin—a council of the eight Taisha Profession heads, each representing a different sector of Lossand's economy. Each of the eight Professions has its own charter that establishes and regulates the collection of professions represented by its Taisha, including how the Taisha is selected to represent the profession.[1] The Taisha of each profession is accorded the title "Lord" or "Lady," with the current leader of the council receiving the title "High." The current leader of the Taishin is High Judge Heelis.[6] There is some overlap amongst most of the professions.[1]

The Kelzin, wealthy land owners, form the upper class of Lossand and often try to influence the Taisha of whichever profession they claim. In some cases, such as the Helm, the Kelzin actually hold more political influence than their Taisha, whom they appoint as a political tool to control their rivals.[7][5]

After most of the sand masters was massacred in the Kerla, the other Taishin tried to disband the Diem.[6] Each Taisha had their own reasons for taking this action against the sand profession, but in the end Kenton managed to save his Profession.[8]

The eight professions are:

The Diem of the Sand Masters[edit]

For more information, see Diem.

The Diem is the Profession of the sand masters of Lossand. Its Taisha is the Mastrell. The current Lord Mastrell is Kenton. The Diem is headquartered in the building of the same name. The Diem has no sub-professions.

The Hall of Judges, Trackts, and Scribes[edit]

The Hall, is the Profession of the trackts and judges of Lossand. Its Taisha is the Judge. The current Lady Judge is Heelis, who is also the current head of the Taishin Council as High Judge. The Profession is headquartered in The Hall of Judgement. The Hall includes the sub-profession of scribes.[fn 1]

The Guild of Merchants[edit]

The Guild, is the Profession of the banking industry of Lossand. Its Taisha is the Merchant. The current Lord Merchant is Vey. It is headquartered at the Golden Market. The Guild includes the subprofessions of moneychangers, lenders, and merchants.[fn 2]

The Tower of Soldiers[edit]

The Tower is the Profession of the military of Lossand. Its Taisha is the General. The current Lord General is Aarik. The Tower is headquartered in a building known as the Tower Garrison. The Tower has no sub-professions.

The Company of Masons[edit]

The Company is the Profession of the construction industry of Lossand. Its Taisha is the Mason. The current Lady Mason's name is unknown.[fn 3] It is based out of the Mason Headquarters. The Company includes the sub-professions of stone masons, builders, and miners.

The Field of Farmers[edit]

The Field is the Profession of the farming industry of Lossand. Its Taisha is the Farmer. The current Lord Farmer is Gennel. It is headquartered at the Farmers Congress. The Field includes those who own the farmland and those who farm the land. It may include the merchants that sell agriculture products, as the Lord Artisan notes that the Diem owes the Field five hundred thousand lak for goods taken without payment.[7]

The Draft of Artisans[edit]

The Draft is the Profession of the manufactured goods industry of Lossand. Its Taisha is the Artisan. The current Lord Artisan is Rite. It is headquartered at the Artisan Central Studio. The Draft is probably the most disparate profession, including sub-professions of all kinds of artisans and craftpersons, such as carpentry, cobblery, medicine, painting, etc.

The Helm of Shipowners[edit]

The Helm is the Profession of the shipping industry of Lossand. Its Taisha is the Admiral. The current Lord Admiral is Lokkall. The Lord Admiral resides at Helm's Rest. The position of Lord Admiral is a figurehead position without any power, other than a vote in the council, and in fact is regarded as more of a punishment than an honor. The true leadership of the Helm belongs to the Shipowners' Circle, currently headquartered in Lraezare.


Lossand contains a mix of many cultures, including Kerztian and the Rim Kingdoms. Many citizens of Lossand are ethnically Kerztian, and entire communities of Darksiders can be found. The most unique characteristic of Lossandin culture is the presence of the Diem of sand masters who, in the past, contributed to the nation's defense and infrastructure. While belief in the Sand Lord is not uncommon, there are no dominant organized religions. The Los'seen form of worship for the Sand Lord is often seen as more of a philosophy than a religion, though both faiths show reverence for the sun.[1]

Notable Lossandins[edit]


  • Most of the events in White Sand take place in Lossand.


  1. In the Prose version The Hall was also the center of Lossand's governmental administration, as well as law and peace keeping, and this is alluded to in the Omnibus, but not explicitly stated.
  2. In the Prose version The Guild administered sale of land, making it the profession of realtors, and this is alluded to in the Omnibus, but not explicitly stated.
  3. In the Prose version the Lord Mason was named Selcomb, it is unknown if the name still applies after the gender swap for the graphic novels.
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