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Region Dayside
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere

Tallon is a nation on the Dayside of Taldain.[1] It is known as one of the Rim Kingdoms, with Seevis and Denka.

It is located on the south eastern coast. The capital city of Tallon is Nor'Tallon, found in the mountains in the western part of the country. The western border of Tallon is deep sand, and the northern border is Seevis. The Nor'Tallon River flows west from Tallon into Lossand, and eventualy merges with the Ry'DoAli River.[1]


  • In the original White Sand maps, Tallon was a nation on the south eastern coast of Dayside while Nor'Tallon was a separate nation north of Tallon, with its western border comprised of the southern end of the mountain range, and deep sand.[2] However, an updated map in the White Sand omnibus edition merged Nor'Tallon into Tallon, with the former expressly defined as Tallon's capital city in the glossary.[3]


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