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Region Dayside
Nation Kerzta
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand

Esh'Ker'Losh is a tent city in the Kerztian Kerla on Taldain's Dayside.[1] The city is northwest of Mount KraeDa.

The Duchess Khrissalla's Darkside party passes the outskirts of Esh'Ker'Losh as Daazk is leading them from Dosha-Har'Ken to Lossand.[2] They decide against stopping for supplies when they notice that Kerztian guards appear violent. Because their water supplies are dwindelling, Khrissalla decides they will instead head toward Mount KraeDa to search for a spring to refill their water supplies.


  • If the map's iconography implies city size, then Esh'Ker'Losh would be approximately twice the size of Dosha-Har'Ken, but much smaller than Ker Kedasha.


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