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Spouse Aslydin[1]
Abilities Seer, Worldhopper
Aliases Thinker
Profession Captain (of the Skaa Rebellion), Preacher (of the Church of the Survivor), General (in the New Empire)
Religion Survivorism
Groups Kelsier's crew, Venture army, Seventeenth Shard
Ethnicity Skaa
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1, The Stormlight Archive

Demoux was originally a captain in Kelsier's rebellion and a general in Elend's army after the Siege of Luthadel. He is an atium Misting (aka a Seer). He later becomes a worldhopper, travelling to Roshar in search of Hoid.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Demoux is in his early twenties during the events leading up to the Catacendre.[2] He is a youthful man with military decorum at first,[3] growing into a grizzled, callused man after a stint leading Elend's army.[4] He has light tan skin, and a distinctive scar across a balding scalp after he is wounded in battle against the koloss. Whether he is actually balding or the bald spot is the healed wound, is unclear due to the nature of his original injury.[4][5][6]

Demoux speaks honestly and formally and is an exceptionally devout believer in the Church of the Survivor.[4][7] He is thoughtful and analytical,[5][6] as well as patient and prudent.[8]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Demoux is an atium Misting, although he is more of a leader than a warrior. He was a general in Elend's army and commanded it quite capably.

Demoux further has some method of slowing his age, which proves quite useful in his activities with the Seventeenth Shard.


The Skaa Rebellion[edit]

Demoux was loyal to Kelsier and a terrific leader. Among the first recruits of Kelsier's rebellion, Ham quickly promoted him to the rank of captain after Ham assumed leadership in light of Kelsier's absence. When Kelsier came to inspect the caves, it was Demoux who led him around. Immediately stepping forward to answer Kelsier's call for a man who would defend the honor of the rebellion, Demoux was singled out by Kelsier to fight the dissenter Bilg.

Before the fight, Hammond confided to Kelsier that while he was a trustworthy man, Demoux's fighting abilities were not great; Ham thought he was no match for Bilg in a fair fight. Assisted by Kelsier's Allomancy, which he used to Push and Pull on Demoux's weapon, Demoux won the fight, and Kelsier seized the moment to invigorate his troops by proclaiming that Demoux had the arcane arts the Lord Ruler possessed - arts that they all might possess. Though Kelsier attempted to use him to kill Bilg, Demoux resisted, and Kelsier soon changed his mind and allowed Bilg to live.[2]

When Yeden decided to attack a fortified position, two thousand troops stayed back at the cave under Demoux's command, believing that the attack was not Kelsier's wish.[8]

The Siege of Luthadel[edit]

Demoux is suspect to the investigation of an imposter conducted by Vin. Believing he is a kandra disguised as Demoux, she follows him through the streets of Luthadel when he sneaks out of Keep Venture. Demoux is revealed to be a preacher for the Church of the Survivor.[9]

The New Empire[edit]

Demoux was promoted to general under Elend in the New Empire some time after Ruin's release from the Well of Ascension.[4]

When he ventured into the mists for the first time, he was stricken down by them, becoming one of the mistfallen.[7] The mistfallen were sorted into their own company due to the superstition and hatred directed towards them by the other soldiers, resulting in a brawl where a man named Bilg punched the general and was executed for it.[10]

Demoux and his troops of mistfallen arrived at the Pits of Hathsin where the Terris survivors had settled. They restored order and lent organization to the Terris people, who had been flooded with refugees. Demoux and his soldiers maintained law and order and essentially took command, though he showed a respect for the Terris elders; he became romantically involved with Aslydin, the daughter of one of the elders, who fell in love with him for his honor and respectability.[11]

When Elend arrived, he discovered that the mistfallen had not been stricken down by the mists for nothing - they had been Snapped, awakening the Allomantic powers of a Seer (an atium misting) in all of them, including Demoux. Demoux and his men then charged the incoming koloss forces with Elend, fighting with the power and determination of an army of Allomancers ablaze with atium.[12] Although many Seers fell in the Battle of Hathsin, Demoux survived the Final Ascension.[13]

Search for Hoid[edit]

Demoux eventually joined the Seventeenth Shard. He interacted with the Ghostbloods at some point, and knows both Iyatil and her brother Dlavil, though it's not clear if he knew them before they left Silverlight and the Seventeenth Shard to join the Ghostbloods.[14]

Demoux was searching for Hoid in the Purelake region on Roshar in the company of Galladon and Baon.[15][6] Ishikk referred to him as Thinker for his contemplative and reserved manner, and noted that he spoke the Selay language more poorly than his associates. When his companions began to argue, he noticed Ishikk listening in and directed the others to move their discussion to another language.[6] Two years later, the group had given up on finding Hoid and left Roshar.[16]


  • Demoux was named for a personal friend of Brandon Sanderson's, Micah DeMoux, who also took the photographs of Brandon for the book jackets.[17] Brandon promised him that the character would survive and get a girl.[18]


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