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Dockson by SiarexKH.jpg
Born 980s FE[1]
Died 1024 FE[2]
Aliases Delton[3]
Groups Kelsier's crew, Venture army
Residence Luthadel
Ethnicity Skaa
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Dockson is a member of Kelsier's crew on Scadrial. He performs as Kelsier's right-hand man and the two have been friends for a long time, working together to topple The Lord Ruler. Dockson is the only non-Allomancer amongst the crew.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Dockson has a squarish face, which Kelsier observes is well-suited to his moderately stocky build. He has black hair and sports a short half-beard, the Scadrian term for a goatee.[4] Since he "first put forth whiskers some twenty years before," we can assume Dockson is middle-aged by the events of Mistborn. He often wears clothing of noble origin. Both Sazed and Vin feel noble suits fit him better than the others in the crew.[1][5]

Dockson is responsible for keeping the crew operational, demonstrating aptitude for organization and administration.[3] Most often he tries to direct Kelsier and the others but allows himself to joke with the other members from time to time. He is quite diligent in his duties to ensure the crew has everything they need to remain functioning and is sometimes quite stern.

Dockson's humor is quite dry and sarcastic, but he keeps it somewhat reserved. Thought this is likely how he deals with difficult situations. This can be seen in his sarcastic comments to Kelsier and in his dry comments, shortly after having seen how Vin was abused by Camon.[6]

After Kelsier's death, however, his mirth vanishes.[5] He regrets the way he's become. He feels he is a man who has gotten what he wanted, but realizes he shouldn't have desired it so badly.[7] Despite this, his role as administrator never falters.[5]

At least prior to Kelsier being sent to the Pits of Hathsin, Dockson was into brawling.[8]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Dockson is a skilled administrator and acts as the organizer and treasurer for Kelsier's crew. He is an excellent thief and crew leader in his own right.[3] He has some level of skill with a sword and is not afraid to stand and fight, even in the presence of Koloss.[2]


With Kelsier and the other members of his crew

Early Life[edit]

In his early life, Dockson was a plantation skaa under Lord Devinshae. It was a hard life, but he ate more regularly than a street skaa. Amongst plantation lords, Devinshae was rather lenient, which meant he "rarely" beat his skaa to death. Dockson started to sneak between hovels to spend time with his girlfriend, Kareien. The other skaa played along, hiding them from the taskmasters, because their romance inspired them. But one day, Lord Devinshae took Kareien to his house and raped her, returning her body in the next morning. The following evening, Dockson escaped from the plantation.[3] He later met Kelsier and they started to steal from nobles, eventually becoming the most infamous crewleaders in Luthadel, even having no powers.[9]Eventually, Kelsier met and married a Tineye named Mare. Dockson was involved in their plan to steal whatever was inside the Lord Ruler's secret room, but didn’t actively participate in the mission. The plan failed, and Kelsier and Mare were caught and sent to the Pits of Hathsin. Dockson managed to evade capture but was forced into hiding. He continued to work as a thief and planner, but on a smaller scale.

Kelsier's Crew[edit]

When Kelsier became a Mistborn and returned to Luthadel, he first sought out Dockson and recruited him for his plan. Dockson once again became Kelsier’s organizer and right hand man.


Dockson met his death with a sword in hand during the Battle of Luthadel. Seeing his impending end, he offered himself a little redemption and remarked that had things been different -- had they turned on the nobility as he had wanted to in the Collapse -- then he and others would have been no better than beasts. He believed that they had done the right thing after all.[10][2]


With Kelsier and the other members of his crew

By the Lord Ruler, it’s good to have you back, Kell! I’m afraid I’ve grown rather boring during the last few years.

—Dockson to Kelsier[1]


Kelsier brings out the mirth and joviality in Dockson, while Dockson works hard to keep Kelsier grounded and directed. They've been friends and crewmates for years, having met back when Dockson left his skaa plantation under the rule of Lord Devinshae.[3] They would work together stealing from nobles, working their way up to becoming the most infamous crew leaders in all of Luthadel.[9] He regularly pokes fun at Kelsier and points out how insufferable he is, all while smiling. Dockson also took care of Mare and Kelsier's things after they were both captured by the Lord Ruler.[11] After Kelsier's death, Dockson grew to resent Kelsier to a point, blaming him for leaving them with a kingdom to run, when they were only thieves. In the end, Dockson cursed Kelsier before he died.[2]


Dockson paid close attention to Vin while she was still in Camon's crew after he tried to swindle Marsh and brought Vin.[1] Upon their first meeting, Dockson is kind to Vin and attempts to be gentle around her.[6] Once Vin becomes more comfortable with the rest of the crew and starts to trust them, Dockson begins to treat Vin with his regular dry humor and sarcasm. Initially Vin thought Dockson's view of the nobility was too hard, but after hearing Dockson story of his murdered love, Kareien, she understands his feelings.[3]

Elend Venture[edit]

Dockson does not get along with Elend Venture since he thinks Kelsier wouldn't approve of Elend ruling, and his own conscious desire to distance himself from a truth about himself: admitting to himself that Elend feels guilty for the acts of the nobility would mean Dox has to confront his own atrocities towards the nobility.[5]


Dockson has a rivalry with Hammond; that is why they spend so little time conversing in the books. They tend to get on each other's nerves in their brief interactions when they're either formulating a plan or arguing. However, when they have a goal to work toward, they can keep going.[12]


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