Allrianne Cett

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Allrianne Cett
House Cett
Spouse Breeze
Parents Ashweather, Mother
Siblings Gneorndin
Descendants Edwarn, Waxillium, Telsin, Hinston
Abilities Rioter
Groups Venture army
Ethnicity Noble
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Allrianne Cett is a noblewoman from the Western Dominance and Rioter on Scadrial during the Final Empire and subsequent Collapse.

She is the daughter of Ashweather Cett and is in a relationship with Breeze.[1][2] She left her father's army to enter Luthadel during the siege, asking Elend Venture for asylum. She eventually leaves Luthadel with Elend and Vin to convince her father to return. During the Battle of Luthadel she returns to the city and eventually enters into her relationship with Breeze. She remains at his side for most of The Hero of Ages, placing her in Urteau during the Final Ascension.[3]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Allrianne is described as youthful and cute. She has golden hair that is long and bouncy, owing to both her Western roots and her continued use of Final Empire styles. She is graceful like most noblewomen, but she also drops her dignified air to express high energy. She is first seen in a red dress after the current styles popular with the nobility, and is rarely seen out of such clothing. [4] While in Urteau, she is forced to wear plain brown skaa dresses, but continues to wear fancy ones within the safety of the city's storage cavern. She is disgruntled about the restriction but follows the law. [5]

Allrianne is perceived by many as a young, naive girl. She uses this perception to manipulate others at the same amount and level as her romantic interest Breeze, as seen by Sazed and as a Rioter rather than a Soother.[5] She is confident and demanding in both Allomancy and personality. From the moment she arrives in Luthadel for the first time, she expects to be taken care of at the level of living she is used to. Vin witnesses her listing off favorite foods to servants and arranging a bath the moment she knows she will be staying.[4] Despite this need for comfort, she is repeatedly willing to go outside her comfort zone in order to protect or help those she loves. Not only does she bring her father back to Luthadel in order to assist Breeze, she also travels to Urteau despite knowing the city's political climate and hatred for nobles. She was in the most immediate danger by going there as a full blooded noble.

While Allrianne admits that her father cares little about the skaa, there are repeated mentions of Allrianne's own lack of indifference towards them. When she goes shopping with Vin, she admits that she knows Breeze is half-skaa. She feels pity for them, and more specifically for Vin, at the time, but still treats Vin as a friend.[6] Later, when she witnesses Quellion's executions, she begins crying and riots the crowd's emotions. This is no passive grief. She, intentionally or not, almost begins a riot as a result of her hatred for what Quellion is doing.[5] Her feelings come through in her very active interactions with those around her.

Breeze seems to have some compunctions about influencing people in his love life, but Allrianne has no such worries. Cett informs Elend in their meeting that he is certain Allrianne has seduced Breeze, rather than the other way around. [7] Vin witnesses her doing so when she spies on Breeze and Clubs, and later she muses on the difficulty of getting Breeze to love her. Even when thinking about the seduction, she has no worries about its morality or the truth of their relationship, only finding it to have been a fun challenge. [8]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Being an emotional Allomancer, Allrianne is very perceptive, and even comments on how Breeze is a good man.[8][expand]


She attempts to bond with Vin over a shopping trip in Luthadel with Tindwyl.[6][expand]

During the founding of Elendel and the time after the Final Ascension, Allrianne gives many speeches on workplace equality and feminist themes, codifying a culture in which women are expected to be able to remain feminine whilst working.[2]


She cares very much about Breeze, enough to ride out and convince her father to turn back and help Luthadel, and therefore Breeze, survive.[8][expand]


The young woman's expensive dress-- light red silk with a shawl and lace sleeves-- might have lent her an air of dignity, had she not scampered forward as soon as Breeze entered the room.

—The first description of Allrianne.[4]

Getting a man like him-- a man so expert in Allomancy, so determined that his age made him inappropriate for her-- to love her... well, that had been a true accomplishment.

—Allrianne on her seduction of Breeze.[8]

She was crying.

By the Forgotten Gods, Sazed thought, finally recognizing her touch on his emotions, Rioting them to make him angry at Quellion. She's as good as Breeze is.

—Sazed on Allrianne's allomancy during Quellion's executions.[5]

Why not? He deserves it. I could make this crowd rip him apart

—Allrianne speaking to Breeze about rioting the crowd at one of Quellion's executions while in Urteau.[5]


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