House Cett

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House Cett
Type Family
World Scadrial
Era Final Empire
Books Mistborn series

House Cett is a noble house on Scadrial. Despite its nobility, House Cett is unable to produce any Mistborns, and only a few Mistings. Before the death of the Lord Ruler, House Cett had very little power. After the death of the Lord Ruler, they attempt to siege Luthadel under Lord (temporarily king) Ashweather Cett. Although they are classified as noble, House Cett has a long history of skaa interbreeding,[1] and as a result Allrianne is the only Cett Allomancer in centuries. During the Siege of Luthadel, Cett, his family and his servants take up residence in Keep Hasting. Their small army of 200 soldiers and hazekillers is attacked and destroyed one night by Vin and Zane, in an attempt to try to confirm Vin's suspicion that Ashweather is secretly a Mistborn[1].

Members include Ashweather,[2] his children Allrianne[3] and Gneorndin,[4] and their descendants, Lady Aving[5] and Lord Westweather.[6]


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