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Zinc (Feruchemy).svg
Power Riot emotions
Type External, Pulling, Mental
Misting Rioter
Power Store mental speed
Type Cognitive
Ferring Sparker
Power Steal emotional fortitude
Type Mental
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured in Mistborn (series)

Zinc is the external mental pulling metal. An Allomancer burning zinc is able to inflame the emotions of those around them. It can be targeted at a single person or a group. A Feruchemist can use zinc to store mental speed. When used as a Hemalurgic spike, zinc steals emotional fortitude.

Allomantic Use[edit]

A zinc Misting is known as a Rioter. Emotional Allomancy is not mind control, but it does allow the practitioner to influence the emotions of those around them. This is known as Rioting or Raging.[1][2] The effects can be targeted at a specific individual or group and can focus on specific emotions.[3] Rioting emotions can be used to increase someone's desire, determination, or anger. It can accomplish many of the same things as Soothing emotions by Rioting all but the specified emotions. Extreme emotions in the target will interfere with emotional Allomancy.[4] Emotional Allomancy can affect animals, however it requires a certain amount of sapience.[5] Emotional Allomancy also has a more compelling effect on Lifeless compared to a regular person.[6]

Very powerful Rioting can put a Hemalurgic creature under complete control of the Rioter, and once controlled, the Rioting is no longer required. This can either be achieved by a solitary Mistborn or Hemalurgist burning duralumin and zinc together, a combination of a Nicroburst and a Rioter, or a group of Rioters and/or Soothers, though in the early days of Final Empire, when Allomancy was much more powerful, a single Rioter was able to do it.[7][8][9]

After the Catacendre, it is unlawful for a business to use Rioters to influence customers.[10] This was one of the provisions of the Allomantic Agreement of '94. However, consensual use of emotional Allomancy is not forbidden, and some rioters, known as zinc counselors uses their abilities as a kind of therapy.[11][11]

Feruchemical Use[edit]

A zinc Ferring is known as a Sparker. Zinc is used to store mental speed. It allows the Sparker to think very quickly and come to conclusions faster. While filling a zincmind, the Sparker will be dull-witted and slow.[12] Storing does not affect the Sparker's ability to process physical information, such as being able to hear when they are spoken to but it does have the odd side effect of making the user hungry.[13][14]

Hemalurgic Use[edit]

When used as a Hemalurgic spike, zinc steals emotional fortitude.[15]

Kandra Blessing[edit]

The kandra can use a pair of these spikes as a Blessing and call them the Blessing of Stability.[16] Like all kandra Blessings, the Blessing gives the mistwraiths sentience, with the added benefit of emotional stability.


Zinctongue is a colloquialism for smooth talkers.[17][18]


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