Hemalurgic chimera

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Hemalurgic chimera
Hemalurgic chimera-MotP.png
Type Hemalurgic construct
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2
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Hemalurgic chimeras are Hemalurgic creatures that were originally human and created by Bleeder,[1] and were in use by the Set.[2]


The exact method of creation is unknown, but it is the same concept as how the Lord Ruler created kandra and koloss through Hemalurgy, but without the divine knowledge required for such creations. The Set had somehow found a permutation that did not kill the subject, but still left them as a twisted mutation, viable, but grotesque.[2]

Appearance and Behavior[edit]

Chimeras' human forms are so twisted that they more resemble canines. They move on all fours "in a distinctly inhuman way". They have joints that bend the wrong way at the elbows and knees and pure black eyes. They retain traces of human traits, such as "fingers that were too long" and hands with opposable thumbs.[1]

The version used by the Set have unnervingly long necks, four elongated legs, and heads that are vaguely canine, but at the same time far too human. The eyes in particular are recognizably human, and are set forward in the skull.[2] They appear incapable of intelligent vocalization, only able to make a sort of hooting sound.[2]

This strain is able to track like a hound, but think almost like a person.[2]

Hemalurgical Attributes[edit]

They were given a single Hemalurgic spike of an unknown metal charged with an unknown attribute.[1] Exactly how they were created and what the single spike does is unclear. Due to their single spike, they are not susceptible to Harmony's control.[3][4]

The strain used by the Set has two spikes, implanted in the shoulders.[2]


They run fast on all four limbs, and mainly attack by biting with sharp teeth or scratching with their nails. Their thickened skulls are resistant to modern firearms; Bleeder likely designed them that way to improve their ability to fight Waxillium Ladrian, though he eventually killed some of them with a close range shotgun blow.[1]

The strain used by the Set has the ability to track like a hound, and retains some degree of mental ability, being able to think almost like a person.[2]


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