Edwarn Ladrian

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Edwarn Ladrian
Edwarn ladrian portrait.png
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House Ladrian
Children Hinston
Relatives Waxillium Ladrian, Telsin Ladrian
Ancestors Ashweather, Allrianne's mother, Breeze, Allrianne
Died [1]
Abilities Hemalurgist
Aliases Mister Suit
Groups Set
Residence Elendel
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2
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Edwarn Ladrian was a member of the high society of Elendel.

Appearance and personality[edit]



He is Wax's uncle, descendant of Breeze and Allrianne, and was the High Lord of House Ladrian before faking his own death to join the Set.[2][3] Edwarn's alias in his work for the Set is 'Mister Suit.'

Before Edwarn faked his death, it was widely believed that he had wasted the family fortune through poor business deals while earning a meager sum betting on horse races. It is later revealed that he was secretly transferring funds into the Set's bank account in preparation for his fake death and subsequent new life.

He is a follower of Trellism due to a comment claiming Miles found his beliefs from Edwarn. Additionally, a claim is made that he will deliver information to Wax in relation to these beliefs, after which Ironeyes delivers a book for Wax. When the red eyed Faceless Immortal comes to him he makes a claim stating that he will follow Trell.

He works with Bleeder when she tries to ruin Elendel. He briefly talks with Wax about this during a carriage ride.

During the search for the Bands of Mourning, Suit treks to the temple housing the bands. He gets defeated by Wax and is captured.

Later, a Set's Faceless Immortal with glowing red eyes visited him in prison and is impressed that he didn't give away any information. It then killed Edwarn and itself with an explosion, hinting that Edwarn might be needed on another planet.[1]


As Wax's uncle, he understands his nephew very much to the point of nearly predicting his every movements.[citation needed] He doesn't seem to care for Wax and have made multiple close attempts on Wax's life.[citation needed] However, the Set bought a lot of House Tekiel's stock, believing Wax would survive them all and defeat the Vanishers. He is also Telsin's uncle, but in the Set, he ranks lower than she.


He is a Hemalurgist with three spikes, granting him the power of a coinshot[4], a bloodmaker[5], and a leecher[6] respectively.


Preceded by
Head of House Ladrian
Succeeded by
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