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Steel (Feruchemy).svg
Power Push metals
Type External, Pushing, Physical
Misting Coinshot
Power Store physical speed
Type Physical
Ferring Steelrunner
Power Steal Physical Allomantic powers
Type Physical
World Scadrial, Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured in Mistborn, The Stormlight Archive

Steel is the External Physical Pushing metal. An Allomancer burning steel can Push bits of metal away from their "center of self,"[1] and can also use steel to sense the presence of metal nearby. Steelpushing is not dependent on magnetic forces or Allomatic power--most metals (with the exception of aluminum and some of its alloys) can be Pushed. Feruchemists can use steel to store physical speed, and when used as a hemalurgic spike, steel steals Physical Allomantic powers.

Allomantic Use[edit]

A steel Misting is known as a Coinshot. Steelpushing is the art of burning steel to push metals away (in a straight line) from the user's "center of self,"[1][2] which is likely tied to the Allomancer's Cognitive and Spiritual aspects. There are two general rules for steelpushing, which also apply to ironpulling, its paired opposite. The first rule is that the strength of your push is roughly proportional to your physical weight. This means that larger Allomancers can generally steelpush and ironpull more powerfully than a smaller counterpart. While proportional, the force exerted by a steelpush is much greater than the Coinshot's weight, allowing them to push themselves into the air by pushing on a piece of metal that is on the ground (or is anchored to something that weighs more than they do). The second rule is that metal that is at least partially inside a person's body cannot be affected by steel. Both of these rules can be overcome by a sufficiently strong Coinshot, however.

by Anna Kay
A coinshot shooting some coins

When burning steel, blue lines emerge from the Coinshot and connect themselves to pieces of nearby metal, with the size of the steel line indicating how big the metal is. The steel lines can typically only be seen by the Coinshot.[3] The steel lines manifest themselves on the Spiritual Realm and can be cut or interfered with.[4] It is also possible to use the steel lines to see via the trace metals in everyone's bodies and in the objects around them, or even electromagnetic bonds.[5][6] A Coinshot could identify specific metals with the steel lines.[7]

Steelpushing is a fairly flashy ability. It allows the user to fly through the air in quite spectacular ways, using only coins (or other small metal objects) placed on the ground. It can be used offensively, as the name suggests, to shoot metal objects as projectiles. As the coins are much smaller than the Coinshot, they gain quite a bit of speed over time. Steelpushing can also be used defensively, by creating a bubble around the user to deflect incoming metal objects, although in case of very fast objects (such as bullets) it doesn't provide full protection.[8] Steelpushing liquid metals works similarly to a ferrofluid.[9]

When used in conjunction with firearms steelpushing is an incredibly powerful tool. By shooting a regular bullet and then pushing on it as it leaves the barrel the bullet can be given a large amount of force, enough to pierce straight through wood and other cover and kill anyone on the other side unexpectedly.[8][10]

It is also possible for a skilled Allomancer to push on a specific part of a metal object.[11] They could also have better control over their Pushes, such as creating a steel bubble that deflects projectiles while not affecting the metal on the user.[12] Through unknown means, a Coinshot could push on non-metal objects.[13]

Feruchemical Use[edit]

A steel Ferring is known as a Steelrunner. Steel is used to store physical speed. Then, by tapping their steelmind, a Steelrunner can move many times faster than a normal human, even one burning pewter with duralumin, as well as burn metals faster.[14] While storing speed, a Steelrunner is very sluggish and is described to feel like moving through molasses.[2] Sazed, a notable Feruchemist during the days between the Final Empire and the Catacendre, regards steelminds as one of the most difficult metalminds to fill.[15] Steelrunners can withstand the Gs they are put through, but they can't ignore wind resistance and friction and will burn up if they start running too quickly.[16] This can be overcome with Edgedancers' abilities.[17]


A steel Compounder would be able to use steel to have a nearly infinite supply of physical speed.[18] They would not be able to run faster-than-light. If not careful, the Steelrunner could kill themselves from running too quickly by factors like air resistance.[19]

Hemalurgic Use[edit]

When used as a Hemalurgic spike, steel steals the Physical Allomantic powers (iron, steel, tin, and pewter).[20]

Fabrial Use[edit]

A fabrial with an steel cage can change the fabrial's polarity, pushing specific elements from itself.[21]


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