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World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Lost Metal
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The Community is a long term project devised by the Set and led by Edwarn Ladrian. The project lived on after his death, under the leadership of Gave Entrone.[1] The key intent behind the plan was to kidnap various women and men from the Elendel Basin and bring them to the underground city of Wayfarer. Once there, they would then be tricked into thinking that the Ashmounts would erupt soon and make the surface inhospitable. The individuals kidnapped were told that they were chosen to carry on human civilization and that their 'rescuers' had to stage a kidnapping to prevent mass panic.[1][2] In total, the project operated for five years[2] before being undone by Constable Marasi Colms.

The original plan by Edwarn had been to use Wayfarer as a breeding ground to create a supply of Allomancers for the Set's experiments. Following his death, however, Telsin Ladrian and Gave Entrone also decided to use the city as a bunker for loyalists to the Set in the event that Autonomy began their invasion of Scadrial.[2]


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