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Gave Entrone
House Entrone
Relatives Valette Entrone
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Lord Gave Entrone is an amateur archaeologist in New Seran. He bought a few of the coins recovered from the Southern Scadrian airship Brunstell.[1]

He attends Kelesina Shores' party and Wax wants to avoid him since he once dated Gave's cousin, Valette Entrone, but Steris points out that he's one of their best options to talk to, since Wax has had some dealings in textiles with him and he was on a list of people possibly connected to the Bands of Mourning in ReLuur's notebook. When Wax begins asking him about archaeology, he began insulting Wax to provoke a reaction and get an excuse to leave the conversation. After that didn't work, he instead insulted Steris, which caused Wax to snap in anger and instinctively reach for his gun.[2]


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