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Gave Entrone
House Entrone
Relatives Valette Entrone
Ancestors Charrs Entrone
Abilities Hemalurgist[1]
Groups Set
Birthplace New Seran
Residence Bilming
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2
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Lord Gave Entrone is an amateur archaeologist in New Seran and, later, the mayor of Bilming.[2] He is a member of the Set.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Characterized by an ubiquitous smug smile, Gave sports a sharp chin and black hair, which he wears slicked back. He dresses for his job in formalwear and diamond cufflinks.[2] He has a reputation for being dynamic and is overall well-regarded before his tenure as mayor.[3]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Gave is a Hemalurgist, granting him the power of a Lurcher, Coinshot, Pewterarm, and Bloodmaker.[4][5]


Gave was born and raised in New Seran.[2] He got into textiles and at one point did some business with House Ladrian.[3] In 342 PC, he bought a few of the medallions recovered from the Southern Scadrian airship Brunstell.[6]

The same year, Gave attended Kelesina Shores' party. Waxillium Ladrian wished to avoid him since he once dated Gave's cousin, Valette Entrone, but Steris pointed out that Gave was one of their best options to talk to, as he was on a list of people possibly connected to the Bands of Mourning in ReLuur's notebook. When Wax began asking him about archaeology, Gave insulted Wax in order to provoke a reaction and get an excuse to leave the conversation. After that didn't work, he instead insulted Steris, which caused Wax to snap in anger and instinctively reach for his gun.[3]

He was elected mayor of Bilming in 346 PC and became a figurehead for the Outer Cities. During his tenure, the city grew incredibly in terms of size and was remodeled.[2] He moved to ban noseball, but the ban was not enforced by the local constables.[7]

Although Gave was an ally to the Set's presence in the city, he enacted a plan to take Telsin's place should she fail to take control of the Basin as proof to Autonomy that she could rule Scadrial. He kidnapped people in Bilming who opposed his politics, including Kyndlip Ternavyl and Pielle Fromed, and performed Hemalurgic experiments on them in an attempt to find a way to create Metalborn in large numbers.[8][9] When Autonomy's army began to appear, he ordered an end to the project and retreated to the Community with those loyal to him.[8] However, the Ghostbloods and Marasi rescued the captives, and several likely gave evidence against him at a later date.[9][10]


Preceded by
Bastien Severington
Mayor of Bilming
Succeeded by
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