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Born Third Generation
Species Kandra
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

ReLuur is a third generation kandra. There are very few third generation kandras, and many kandra looked up to him. [1]

He is an explorer and pursues knowledge of the Bands of Mourning. Along the way, he took many evanotypes of murals and images that depicted the Bands of Mourning, suggesting that they did in fact exist. However, when he returned to the Kandra Homeland, he was missing one of his two Hemalurgic spikes, and as a result was not entirely sane. TenSoon attempted to give ReLuur one of his spikes, but as it was another kandra's spike, he rejected it and spat it out.

He found the Set and Telsin Ladrian.[1]

ReLuur's spike is pewter, a metal which is not normally used as a Blessing.[2]


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