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Spouse Jaxy[1]
Abilities Lurcher
Profession Gunsmith
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2
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I'm not part of your little troop of deputies, Wax. Leave me out of this.


Ranette is a gunsmith on Scadrial who makes many of the guns used by Wax. She shelters Wax, Wayne and Marasi and identifies the creator of one of the Vanishers' aluminum pistols.

She lived in the Roughs but moved to the city some time before Wax did due to the use of electricity in the city, despite disliking Elendel and feeling unsafe there. Her home is located in the Third Octant. It is a red brick house and has two stories.[2][3][4] She also has a large workshop, expanded and renovated by Wayne's gift money.[1]

Appearance & Personality[edit]

People are stupid. I find them annoying, and those are the ones I like.


Ranette is tall, long-legged, and lean, with dark hair which she wears in a shoulder-length ponytail. While Wax, Wayne and Marasi are staying in her house, she wears boots, brown trousers, a white laced shirt and a long Roughs-style leather coat.[2][6] She is often gruff, sarcastic and contrary, but can also be very perceptive and caring when she wants to be.

Ranette is quick to threaten to shoot people who annoy her -- as well as Wax and particularly Wayne -- but she doesn't shoot anyone she allows inside her home. She keeps a shotgun in a basket next to her front door.[2][7] Though she excels at gunsmithing, she prefers to keep to herself and doesn't want to be bothered by people. As such, she doesn't sell or patent her inventions. She also hates people sensing her Allomancy and hires Smokers to cover her house.[2] She values guns greatly, willing to forgive Wax and Wayne in exchange for an interesting weapon. Upon losing Vindication, Wax believes that Ranette will be furious with him for it.[2][8]

Ranette is a lesbian, and has been out for two decades.[9][10] She was previously romantically involved with Misra,[7][11] but is now with Jaxy, who she affectionately nicknames "Jax."[12]

Attributes & Abilities[edit]

Ranette is a iron Misting (aka a Lurcher). She seems to only use her abilities for simple convenience (i.e., pulling items out of reach toward her, et cetera) and to use devices of her own creation that only a Lurcher can use.

As a gunsmith, Ranette is highly skilled and is responsible for the creation of numerous guns as well as various other contraptions and innovations. She has a symbol that can be used to identify her work.[13] She can competently identify a gun's creator.


Ranette pointing a gun at Wax and Wayne when they try to enter her home.

The Roughs[edit]

Ranette used to live in the Roughs as a gunsmith and made Waxillium his Sterrions and Ambersair.[3][2]


Ranette moved to Elendel sometime before Waxillium's return due to the city providing access to electricity which the Roughs lacked. She has her workshop in the Third Octant.[4]

Wax, Wayne, and Marasi visit Ranette after Wax's study gets destroyed in an explosion. At first, she tries to chase them away by pointing a shotgun at them but decides to let them in after Wayne offers her the aluminum gun Wax had taken from the Vanishers. Once inside, Ranette starts working on pulling apart the gun and discovers it was made by a gunsmith called Nouxil, with whom she had been corresponding until his disappearance a year ago.[2] Wax explains Ranette his need of a new gun but she refuses to give him anything. Wax then proceeds to explain how Miles Hundredlives has been trying to kill him and his companions. Ranette has a hard time believing Miles would do that, but decides to lend Wax Vindication and hazekiller rounds for field testing after she hears Miles has been taking hostages whose lives are now in danger. She also lets Wax use a room in her house for planning and lends Marasi a rifle and a pair of trousers.[2]

Dealing with Bleeder[edit]

Ranette sends Wax new equipment for testing purposes. The equipment package contains the first version of a grappling hook invention she wants him to experiment with while jumping with Allomancy.[14]

Wax sends Ranette a note via an errand boy asking her to make him a special bullet to take down a kandra named Bleeder. Within hours Ranette arrives to Governor Replar Innate's mansion to deliver the special bullet she made out of Wax's Pathian earring. She hands the bullet over to Wayne who later gives it to Wax. Ranette talks about the current situation of things with Wayne and seems very worried about the people gathering outside which makes Wayne go check things out and Ranette leaves.[7]

Wayne's gift[edit]

Ranette is returning home after delivering Wax's new cords when she sees Wayne near her new residence where she had moved a few months ago. She notices the notebook Wayne had left at her door and demands him to explain. After Wayne's initial explanation she flips through the notebook and reads the words Wayne had written on the last page. She figures out he is finally giving up on the wish of dating her and moving on. Ranette smiles and thanks him. Wayne tries his luck one more time by asking Ranette about her girlfriend but she firmly rejects him again so he finally leaves.[15]

Cafe with Jaxy and Wayne[edit]

Ranette and Wayne regularly went out for dinner together for years. After Wayne's breakup with MeLaan, Ranette and her girlfriend (and future wife) Jaxy met Wayne at a restaurant called the Drunken Spur. Ranette disliked the tackiness and inauthenticity of the Roughs-themed restaurant, but went because Jaxy enjoyed it. When Wayne confided in them about his breakup, Ranette was sympathetic and tried to reassure him in her own gruff and sarcastic way. She remarked that she was genuinely proud of Wayne for handling the situation in a "relatively mature" way and growing as a person. Pointing out that after years of being friends, Wayne hadn't hit on her at all, Wayne responded that he promised and he wouldn't want to interfere with her relationship with Jaxy. Ranette and Jaxy gently brought up the fact that Wayne's continued visits to Allriandre were just a punishment to both Wayne and Allriandre. Wayne saw the truth in this but didn't want to confront it, and left the restaurant without eating.[12]

Honeymoon and wedding gift[edit]

This isn't more 'fun,' is it? I'm so full of it by this point, I feel like barfing it all right back out.

—Ranette to Jaxy after their honeymoon[1]

Ranette and Jaxy got married and went on a honeymoon in Malwish. Ranette pretended to be bitter about having to spend the time relaxing, reading books, and sightseeing instead of working on her gun designs, but Jaxy got her to admit that she enjoyed herself. Jaxy took Ranette to her workshop and revealed the expansion and renovation that had been made possible with the money Wayne left to Ranette upon his death, and gave her the note he had written to her. Ranette was touched by the gesture, and admitted that she missed Wayne.

Notable Inventions[edit]

  • Ambersair: A type of revolver Ranette made for Wax at some point; he loses it during a fight with Miles Dagouter, and she never makes another, at least not for him.[2]
  • Vindication: A Revolver named after Vin. Made of "Invarian" steel, making it stronger and lighter than a Sterrion, it features a long barrel, a grip styled with ivory and onyx wavy lines separated by metal bands, 8 chambers (two of which utilize Hazekiller rounds), and an "Allomancer-only" safety; a hidden switch that only a misting can see or access via an iron pull or a steel push that disables the gun, so the gun can never be turned on a Lurcher or Coinshot owner.[2]
  • Sterrion 36: A six-shot revolver, it has a steel frame with no gleam.[16] Wax repeatedly describes his Sterrion pistols as his most accurate guns.[2]
  • Experimental Shotgun: A large double-barreled shotgun given to Wax to field test high gunpowder loads combined with the ability to increase his weight.[17] The shotgun has enormous kickback that can knock over or injure the person firing it.[18]
  • Hazekiller rounds: bullets that are intended to combat Mistings, primarily for use with Vindication,[19] but certain rounds can be shot with Allomancy:[8]
    • Coinshot rounds with a ceramic tip that keeps travelling after the metal of the bullet has been pushed away.
    • Lurcher rounds with ceramic sides that explode when Pulled on, causing shrapnel; said to be harmful but not lethal.
    • Tineye rounds that make a loud noise when fired and a different noise when they hit, intended to disable rather than harm.
    • Pewterarm rounds that are larger and packed with more gunpowder, intended to overpower the resilience of a Pewterarm.
    • Hemalurgic bullet: A bullet made from Wax's Hemalurgic earring for use with Vindication.[20] It is used to give Bleeder a second spike so that Harmony could regain control of her.[21]
    • Hemalurgist rounds made of aluminum, with a secondary explosion that creates enough force to remove limbs from a target's body.[22]
  • Grappling hook: A portable grappling hook given to Waxillium to field test, allowing the Coinshot to pull himself towards a building he's veering away from.[23] It also serves as a makeshift weapon.[24]
  • Cords: The third revision of the grappling hook. The cords are three metal balls wrapped in a cord which uncoils to be used as a rope. An Allomancer can push or pull hidden switches within allowing the hooks to engage and disengage at will.[17]
  • Hidden shoe compartment: A hidden compartment for Allomantic metals hidden inside a shoe. Allomancer Jak name-drops Ranette when scolding the compartments tendency to come loose.[25]
  • Vindication II: A large-caliber gun made entirely of aluminum. It has two extra chambers that hold oversized hazekiller rounds specifically designed to fight Hemalurgists.[26]
  • Steel Survivor: An aluminum mid-caliber pistol, which has an elongated barrel to fire precision rounds.[26]
  • Big Gun: A very large gun resembling a stocky single-barrel shotgun. Its barrel is four inches across, and it has a central wheel like a revolver, but much larger. It shoots slugs larger than shot glasses. It is carried in a wooden box in multiple parts that must be assembled.[13]


I need you to stick your head in a bucket of water and slowly count to a thousand!

—Ranette to Wax when he tries to request her help.[2]

Fine. But if Wayne touches anything -anything- I'll blow off the offending fingers.

—Ranette after letting Wax, Wayne, and Marasi into her workshop.[2]

I mean it. I miss him. Wasn't ever a person I've known who was more fun to shoot.

—Ranette about Wayne after his death.[1]



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