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Jak by Egilde Art.jpg
Abilities Tineye
Profession Explorer
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Jak also known as "Allomancer Jak" and "Gentleman Jak", is a Scadrian nobleman, a Tineye, and an explorer.

Appearance & personality[edit]

Jak has a large mustache, long hair, and glasses.

Jak is arrogant, not very clever, and often makes improbable claims about his adventures. However, he is quite lucky and as a result generally succeeds. He writes very sloppily, with many spelling and grammar errors that then have to be corrected by Handerwym, his Terris steward. Occasionally he refuses to allow him to correct his spelling and grammar. He is often helped out of scrapes by his lover Elizandra Dramali and by Handerwym. He finds Elendel extremely dull.[1]

Waxillium considers him a fop, though he respects that he's at least willing to get out of his house.


Early Adventuring[edit]

Jak explores many distant and dangerous locations. He was thrown into the ocean in Allomancer Jak and the Mask of Ages while tied to a bust of the Survivor (or the Lord Mistborn). He claims to have swum through river rapids in Allomancer Jak and the Waters of Dread, although this may not have actually happened.[1] He also at some stage climbed the ashmounts and domesticated a long necked animal.[2] The animal was either a llama or a giraffe.[3]

The Pits of Eltania[edit]

During a later adventure Jak ventured to the Pits of Eltania in search of the Survivor's treasure. He at one stage believed he was to be executed for some unknown transgression against the local koloss tribe.[2] Before being executed Jak was allowed to say goodbye to his acquaintances. Jak managed to recover his gun from Handerwym while embracing him. Jak used the gun to escape his bonds and kill his executioner. Jak then resolved to be accepted by the koloss tribe as one of their own, he also came to believe that he was now king of the tribe.[2]

He would be challenged by a koloss and managed to kill them with his gun. This was apparently part of his plan to be accepted by the koloss tribe but Handerwym felt it was not a good one.[1] Jak would later wake up alone in a cave within a canyon and believed himself trapped there. After searching for an exit he would eventually decide to dive into a river below him. He then managed to exit the river near a group of koloss. The group brought him over to their tribe leaders who offered to make Jak into a koloss believing him to be worthy of joining the tribe, Jak also discovered that his girlfriend, Elizandra Dramali is koloss blooded and herself a previous member of the tribe. Dramali tries to explain the process to Jak so he can choose but he interrupts her and devises a plan to not be made into a koloss. Jak proclaims that he is already a koloss and that he will prove it by recovering the survivors treasure from the bottom of a lake. He was successful in this endeavour and the koloss were pleased to discover a cache of Hemalurgic spikes within it. Jak then discovered the box containing the spikes was made of aluminium, pleased with the find he left the tribe with Elizandra. They would later have to go back upon realising they had forgotten Handerwym and had left him behind.[1]

New Seran[edit]

During a later adventure Jak would find himself at New Seran where Handerwym caught news that criminals were going to replace the alleged buttons of Spook's favorite smoking jacket with forgeries.[2] Deciding to put a stop to this Jak and Handerwym went to an auction for the buttons being held by Lady Lavont. Handerwym was left to keep an eye on the buttons and make sure they were not swapped out with fakes while Jak went off to talk to Lady Lavont and her circle of friends.[2] While doing so a man pulled a gun on Jak claiming he had killed his brother and that he wanted revenge. In an effort to buy time Jak proclaimed that he was unarmed and spun around in a circle to prove his point, then realizing he did not recall killing the man's brother he informed him that he was innocent. The man then realized that he had mistaken Jak for Wax, Jak laughed off the mistake and offered to buy him a drink. Before he got the chance however Handerwym arrived and signaled to Jak that the buttons had been stolen.[2]

At a later time Jak made the acquaintance of Nicelle Sauvage who then started publishing under the Allomancer Jak brand.[4]


His sensationalized adventures are published in The Elendel Daily and The House Record.[5][2] In the House Record he does insult other newspapers and claims the House Record is superior to them which may suggest some kind of brand deal he has with them.[2] These versions are unedited by Handerwym and as a result are terribly written. Handerwym then takes several episodes and combines them into one volume that he edits and annotates. The annotations generally consist of humorous insults and corrections.[1] A story about Nicelle Sauvage in The New Ascendancy is published under an "Allomancer Jak presents" logo,[4] suggesting that Jak may help publish the stories of other adventurers.

He is known to have published various series, notably Allomancer Jak and the Mask of Ages[1], Allomancer Jak and the Waters of Dread[1], Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania[5][1], and Gentleman Jak in the City of Fountains.[2] Although far more are referenced to, but left unnamed.[2]

Gentleman Jak in the City of Fountains is further known to have named episodes, with Part 5: A Sport of Spirits and Part 6: The Sinister Soiree[2]


  • Jak does not think he is lying when he recounts his stories.[6]
  • Jak in his stories has claimed that if he got the chance he would like to pull a gun on Wax.[2]
  • His gun is named Glint.[5]
  • Jak appears to be a Survivorist, as he references the Survivor providing for him and regards the Survivor's teachings as true. However, he thinks his alleged spirit guide Lyndip may be a Faceless Immortal (which are part of Pathian doctrine as noted by Handerwym) so his theological depth appears to be limited.[1]


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