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Allomancer Jak presents.png
by Ben McSweeney
Abilities Tineye
Profession Explorer
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Jak also known as "Allomancer Jak", is a Scadrian nobleman, a Tineye, and an explorer.

Appearance & personality[edit]

Jak has a large mustache, long hair, and glasses.

Jak is arrogant, not very clever, and often makes improbable claims about his adventures. However, he is quite lucky and as a result generally succeeds. He writes very sloppily, with many spelling and grammar errors that then have to be corrected by Handerwym, his Terris steward. Occasionally he refuses to allow him to correct his spelling and grammar. He is often helped out of scrapes by his lover Elizandra Dramali and by Handerwym. He finds Elendel extremely dull [1].

Waxillium considers him a fop, though he respects that he's at least willing to get out of his house.



He explores many distant and dangerous locations. He found Kelsier's treasure in the the Pits of Eltania, where he interacted with Koloss. He became "king" of the Koloss in episode 26. He was thrown into the ocean in "Allomancer Jak and the Mask of Ages" while tied to a bust of the Survivor (or the Lord Mistborn). He claims to have swum through river rapids in "Allomancer Jak and the Waters of Dread", although this may not have actually happened.[1] He supposedly trained with monks who taught him how to fight. He also supposedly studied ballet, which enhanced his balance.[2] It is unknown whether any of these claims are true.


His sensationalized adventures are published in the Elendel Daily, The House Record, and The New Ascendancy.[3][4] These versions are unedited by Handerwym and as a result are terribly written. Handerwym then takes several episodes and combines them into one volume that he edits and annotates. The annotations generally consist of humorous insults and corrections.


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