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Profession Gunsmith
Residence Elendel
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In The Alloy of Law

Nouxil is a well-known gunsmith in Elendel on Scadrial.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Nouxil is a short balding man who appears somewhat fearful.[2] Whether he was naturally a cowardly man or if he became one after his year-long imprisonment by the Vanishers is uncertain.

However, Nouxil is a clever man as well.[1] Ranette, a notoriously brusque and scathing women, thinks he is a skilled enough gunsmith to keep a correspondence going with him. He also manages to hide a plea for help inside the grips of the aluminum guns he forges for the Vanishers.

Ironically enough for a gunsmith, Nouxil is not a great shot.[2]


Wasing the where of needing

— Nouxil's cry for help in High Imperial, inscribed on the interior of an aluminum pistol grip[1]

Nouxil's early life is unknown, but as an adult he became a skilled gunsmith.[1] He and Ranette began corresponding, discussing their work and mutual interest in gunsmithing. During this time, Nouxil's style became distinctive to Ranette, particularly the shape of his barrels and internal mechanics.

Around the year 340, Nouxil was kidnapped by Miles Dagouter and his crew, the Vanishers.[1] Nouxil was forced to design and forge the aluminum guns and ammunition that the Vanishers used in their robberies. It seems possible that he also created the two specific alloys used in the aluminum guns and bullets. It allowed them to be heavy and sturdy enough to be useful, without losing the invulnerability to Allomancy characteristic of pure aluminum. He likely worked in the foundry in Longard where the Vanishers did most of their forging.[3] During this time, he began inscribing the message "Wasing the where of needing" inside of the gun grips he created, a cry for help in High Imperial.[1] He spent around a year imprisoned there.

After the Yomen-Ostlin wedding dinner, when captured members of the Vanishers compromised the location of the foundry,[4] he was probably moved to the foundry beneath the Ironspine Building, where he could continue his work.[5] High Lord Waxillium Ladrian, Wayne, and Lady Marasi Colms brought one of his aluminum guns, recovered from the wedding dinner, to Ranette's house, where they sought shelter.[1] Ranette recognized Nouxil's style in the make of the gun and discovered his message.

During Wax's attack on the Vanisher hideout beneath the Ironspine Building, Nouxil was locked in a room in the above-ground Vanisher barrack with Lady Steris Harms.[2] Nouxil spent most of that fight cowering in that room. When Wax freed the two of them, he handed Nouxil a shotgun and Pushed on it, throwing Nouxil out of the second story room into the canal, where he could swim to safety. The Elendel constables found him there and pulled him out of the canal alive, if a bit displeased.[6]


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