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Spouse Ranette[1]
Residence Elendel
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Jaxy is a woman on Scadrial. She has short, tightly curled white-blonde hair.[2] She is married to Ranette.[1] When eating at the Drunken Spur with Wayne and Ranette, Jaxy wore a white dress and diamond barrettes in her hair. According to Wayne, she likes sparkles.

Jaxy is kind and light-hearted, and humors Ranette's grouchy attitude. She is sympathetic and comforting to Wayne, especially in the aftermath of his breakup with MeLaan, and gently points out to him that his relationship with Allriandre is unhealthy. She prides Wayne on his ability to understand other people.[2] After Wayne's death, Jaxy coordinates the renovation of Ranette's workshop with the money Wayne gifted to Ranette. She and Ranette go on a honeymoon to Southern Scadrial, and although Ranette pretends to be grouchy about the forced relaxation, Jaxy knows that she had fun and teases her about it.[1]


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