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On Scadrial, metalborn was a generalized term for a born user of the Metallic Arts Allomancy or Feruchemy[1]. Hemalurgists are not included in this group because Hemalurgy is not an inborn ability.

A metalborn could use one or all of the 16 metals to access allomantic or feruchemical abilities. Rare Twinborn had both a single feruchemical and a single allomantic ability, which may or may not have been in the same metal. Allomancers ingested their metal and then 'burned' it to gain their abilities while Feruchemists used metal to store a specific trait in which they could later draw out.

The term does not appear pre-Alloy of Law, although the reason for this may be that Lord Ruler surpressed all knowlege of Feruchemy.

Notable Metalborn[edit]




The Lord Ruler[edit]

The Lord Ruler was the only known Mistborn who was also a full Feruchemist. By Compounding he gained a great many astounding abilities, including his immortality.


During the history of Scadrial, there were a few organizations of Metalborn. The Keepers, for example, were a group of Feruchemists during the Lord Rulers rule, while the Worldbringers fulfilled a similar role before the Ascension of the Lord Ruler.


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