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The Allomantic symbol for bendalloy

Bendalloy is the External Temporal Pushing metal. An Allomancer burning bendalloy is able to squeeze time in a bubble around them, making it pass more quickly. Feruchemists can use bendalloy to store nutritional energy, and when used as a Hemalurgic spike, bendalloy steals Spiritual Feruchemical powers. It is an alloy of cadmium and bismuth.[1]

Allomantic Use[edit]

A bendalloy Misting is known as a Slider. Burning bendalloy pushes on time around the user, causing time to pass more quickly in a bubble around them. Events outside the bubble appear to move much slower to someone inside.[2] One nugget of bendalloy can compress approximately two minutes into fifteen seconds.[3]

When a bendalloy bubble and a cadmium bubble occur in the same place, their effects cancel out resulting in no change whilst still burning the metals used.[4][3] The time bubble created by a Slider is approximately five feet across and is smaller than that possible while burning cadmium. Careful examination may reveal the edge of the bubble, where air appears to shimmer.

When a time bubble is created, the area of the bubble stays stationary with respect to a moving object as long as the Slider creating it is stationed on an object large enough. For example, someone standing on a planet, which is quite massive, is still actually moving with the rotation of the planet, and the bubble moves with that person, but the bubble itself stays in the same place with respect to the planet. However, if the Slider who created a time bubble is on a small, moving object (or the person merely walks to the edge of the bubble), the Slider will be transported through the bubble, "popping" it.[5] Objects entering or exiting the bubble are thrown wildly off-course, most likely because different parts of the object are moving at different speeds during the transition.[4] When leaving the bubble, time bubbles interfere with almost all forms of Investiture.[6] When multiple bubbles occur in the same space their effects are multiplied.[7]

If a Slider flares bendalloy when forming a time bubble, time inside the bubble is sped up even more. The size and speed of the bubble is pretty much determined when it's first formed.[8] Bendalloy is involved in multiple ways with faster-than-light travel.[9]


If someone were able to burn the amount of bendalloy needed to become an Allomantic savant with the metal, they would be able to anchor the speed bubble to themselves, allowing the speed bubble to move with them.[10] They would also be able to influence the size of the bubble and the amount of time it gives.[11]

Feruchemical Use[edit]

The Feruchemical symbol for bendalloy

A bendalloy Ferring is known as a Subsumer. Bendalloy is used to store nutrition and calories. While filling a bendalloymind, a Subsumer is able to eat large quantities of food without becoming full. Tapping such a metalmind will allow the user to go without food. A separate bendalloymind can be used to store fluid intake.[2]

Hemalurgic Use[edit]

When used as a Hemalurgic spike, bendalloy steals Spiritual Feruchemical powers (chromium, nicrosil, aluminum, and duralumin).[12]


During the Final Empire, bendalloy and cadmium were unknown even to Lord Ruler. Other than the fact that their technology couldn't create the metals, Preservation also swapped their places on the Allomantic Table for atium and malatium. In Preservation's plan, this served the purpose of burning away Ruin's body, atium. The switch of place also kept the total number of Allomantic metals to remain as the significant number 16, which acts as a sign for humans to understand Preservation's plan.[13] Presumably, bendalloy and cadmium mistings did not exist.[citation needed] After the catacendre, Harmony restored the Allomantic Table, and advancement in technology made the metals available, so bendalloy Allomancers finally came to exist.


In an original mockup of the complete Table of Allomantic Metals, this metal was named cerrobend. However, the word cerrobend was a trademarked, commercial name for the metal, and so Brandon was forced to use bendalloy instead.


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