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The Allomantic symbol for duralumin

Duralumin is the internal enhancement pushing metal. An Allomancer burning duralumin is able to greatly enhance other metals they are burning. Feruchemists can use duralumin to store Connection, and when used as a Hemalurgic spike, duralumin steals Connection and Identity.

Alloy Composition[edit]

The duralumin used in the Metallic Arts is ninety-six percent aluminum, four percent copper. [1]

Allomantic Use[edit]

A duralumin Misting is known as a Duralumin Gnat. An Allomancer burning duralumin instantly uses up any metals being burned simultaneously, releasing an enormous burst of power from those metals. Duralumin itself is not completely consumed like metals it is burned in concert with, but it still continues to burn away at a steady rate.[2][3] A Duralumin Gnat gains nothing from their powers.[4]

The use of duralumin could seriously hurt a Mistborn. While burning tin, the Mistborn could be shocked by the sensory overload as well as become temporarily numb, blind, and deaf. A Push or Pull could become so strong it can feel like the Mistborn is being torn apart.[3][5] When using duralumin, mistborn usually burn pewter along with tin/iron/steel to avoid injuries.

Duralumin could be used to gain a burst of power from other Investiture, such as Surgebinding.[6] Burning duralumin whilst also Compounding any other metal does not gain anything other than time, and is quite dangerous due to the swift effects of the duralumin.[7]

Feruchemical Use[edit]

The Feruchemical symbol for duralumin

A duralumin Ferring is known as a Connector. Duralumin is used to store Spiritual Connection. For example, filling a duraluminmind can be used to reduce other people's awareness and friendship of the Connector, as these Spiritual Connections become stored away.[4]

Tapping the metalmind will allow the Connector to form stronger Connections, possibly depending on what Connections were stored. It can allow Connectors to form trust relationships with others much faster, for example.

Southern Scadrians use Spiritual Connection to enable them to communicate with others on foreign lands.[8]

Duralumin Feruchemy can also change one's Spiritual Connection to a planet, which can help worldhoppers with magic systems. Connectors do not have the inherent ability to worldhop, however.[9] Tapping a duraluminmind on a Shardworld other than Sel would prevent a Connector from using Selish magic.[10]


A duralumin Compounder would be able to use duralumin to have a nearly infinite supply of Spiritual Connection. The Compounder would be able to put a Hemalurgic creature under complete control, similar to what Soothers and Rioters can do.[11]

Hemalurgic Use[edit]

When used as a Hemalurgic spike, duralumin steals Connection and Identity.[12]


During the Final Empire, the Lord Ruler kept aluminum and it's alloy duralumin from public knowledge to give the Inquisitors an advantage.[13] Another reason why aluminum and duralumin were unknown to people is that refining aluminum requires advanced technology of electrolysis. Without the ability, the Lord Ruler acquired small amounts of the metal from ashmounts.

Vin, having been fed aluminum by the Inquisitors, figured there should be an alloy for it, too.[citation needed] She tested out various alloys of aluminum despite the risk, and discovered only one alloy which doesn't cause sickness, but also generates no effect when burned. While sparring with Zane, Vin was stunned to find out the effect of duralumin. She kept the secret to few and later this granted her a significant advantage.



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