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Without the rhythms, men needed help understanding one another.

Rhythms are a cosmere-wide phenomenon that manifests most clearly on Roshar.[2] They're a variety of beats or melodies that change in regular ways over time.[3] They are not normally audible; Singers are the only known species able to hear the rhythms, though others exist throughout the cosmere.[4]


Rhythms are ever-present, though most beings in the cosmere cannot hear them.[4] Every rhythm changes, albeit in regular ways; a rhythm can be divided into movements, which are stable enough to measure time by.[3] They're tied to emotions; a person capable of hearing the rhythms will naturally attune to one matching their mood, or start feeling in a specific way by attuning to a specific mood.[5] Some rhythms seem to be tied to other aspects of the world, however; the Rhythm of Winds, for example, can be used to predict highstorms.[3]

It's unclear where precisely rhythms come from, or what makes them. They appear to be tied to planets, with each world having its own "songs".[6] Roshar seems to have particularly strong or powerful rhythms; a bronze Allomancer would be able to hear them there, while they can't hear them on Scadrial.[7] However, some rhythms are tied to Shards rather than planets, with Odium having his own set of rhythms.[8] While this suggests that each Shard has its own rhythms, that hasn't been confirmed.

Hearing the rhythms is tied to the phenomenon of Connection; whatever the precise nature of the rhythms, they can be Connected to, which is how any being is able to hear them. A creature capable of hearing the rhythms can pick up what another person's attuned to from just a few spoken words, which is something an unconnected person wouldn't be able to do, even though the rhythms can be written down as sheet music.[6]


Singers are Connected to each other by the rhythms


They could feel the rhythm, hear it. All were in tune, all were in rhythm with one another. Perfection.

Singers speak to rhythms to express their feelings or to assign their words specific meaning.[5] When not paying attention, singers will attune to the rhythm that corresponds to their mood, but they can attune to another rhythm in order to fit with their message. Not all forms can hear the rhythms equally; dullforms hear them only partially, while singers in slaveform cannot hear them at all.[1] The rhythms Connect the singers, and the various singer songs are sung to different rhythms.[10][11]


Perhaps it was his imagination, but it seemed that sometimes [humans] responded to certain rhythms.

Apart from singers, humans seem to have limited capability to hear rhythms. Humans with singer ancestry, such as Unkalaki, can occassionally catch them, albeit very faintly.[12] A Feruchemical Connection medallion would be able to interpret the rhythms, albeit not very accurately.[13] Allomancers capable of burning bronze would be able to hear them on Roshar;[7] conversely, if a singer were to become a Seeker, they'd find bronze pulses familiar, though strange.[14]

There are also other species in the cosmere capable of hearing the rhythms, but what they are is currently unknown.[4]

Known Rhythms[edit]

Normal Rhythms[edit]

Most rhythms appear to be natural phenomena, unrelated to the Shards. Singers hear these beats when not in Regal Forms.

  • Rhythm of Amusement[5]
  • Rhythm of Annoyance[3]
  • Rhythm of Anticipation[15]
  • Rhythm of Anxiety[3]
  • Rhythm of Awe - the Knights Radiant are sung of to this rhythm[9]
  • Rhythm of Appreciation[3]
  • Rhythm of Betrayal - rarely sung[3]
  • Rhythm of Confidence[16]
  • Rhythm of Consideration[3]
  • Rhythm of Consolation - used for strong apologies[8]
  • Rhythm of Curiosity - a slow rhythm[3]
  • Rhythm of Excitement[5]
  • Rhythm of Irritation[3]
  • Rhythm of Joy[16]
  • Rhythm of Longing[1]
  • Rhythm of the Lost - soft, slow, but violent, with sharp, separated notes; used for remembering the fallen[5][1]
  • Rhythm of Mourning[5]
  • Rhythm of Peace - calm, soft, soothing beats; used by listeners to measure time[16]
  • Rhythm of Pleading - rarely-used[3]
  • Rhythm of Praise - used both to show appreciation of others and to express true satisfaction[5]
  • Rhythm of Remembrance[3]
  • Rhythm of Reprimand[5]
  • Rhythm of Resolve - a steady beat with power rising over time[17]
  • Rhythm of Skepticism[5]
  • Rhythm of Supplication[3]
  • Rhythm of Tension[16]
  • Rhythm of the Terrors[18]
  • Rhythm of Victory[19]
  • Rhythm of Winds - used for predicting highstorms[3]

"New" Rhythms[edit]

These are the rhythms that those with Connection to Odium, such as the Fused and Regals, can attune to. In most cases, being able to hear the new rhythms precludes one from hearing the old ones. These Rhythms of Power sound and feel different to the more well known rhythms of similar emotions.[20] In many cases, though, they express similar things, albeit in a more violent and hostile manner.[16]

  • Rhythm of Abashment[21]
  • Rhythm of Agony[19]
  • Rhythm of Command - a more powerful version of Appreciation[22]
  • Rhythm of Conceit[21]
  • Rhythm of Craving - a more violent version of Anticipation[15]
  • Rhythm of Derision[16]
  • Rhythm of Destruction[16]
  • Rhythm of Fury[16]
  • Rhythm of Ridicule - similar to Amusement[16]
  • Rhythm of Satisfaction[16]
  • Rhythm of Spite[16]
  • Rhythm of Subservience[8]
  • Rhythm of Withdrawal - one of the few calm Odium rhythms[21]


  • The rhythms, and the connections they afford to the singers, were based on the works of Carl Jung.[23]
  • Brandon based his mental image of speaking to rhythms on Hindu chants.[24]
  • Brandon once joked that if a singer were to attune the rhythm of Barry White, they'd immediately enter mateform.[25]


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