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Dumad by Matthew Johnson.png
Died Killed by Wayne in 348 PC[1]
Abilities Hemalurgist
Groups Set
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared The Lost Metal
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Dumad is a member of the Set on Scadrial.[2]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Dumad is a Hemalurgist with five spikes, five of them granting him the powers of a Coinshot, Duralumin Gnat, Pewterarm, Leecher and Seeker.[3]


Dumad habitually used duralumin-enhanced Steelpushes, using the incredible strength added by burning duralumin to compensate for the relative newness of his powers, compared to Wax's skill acquired from a lifetime of use. Instead of metal vials traditionally used by other Allomancers, which could be affected by Coinshots and Lurchers, he replenished his metals after each usage of duralumin by drinking from an aluminum flask - which even Wax thought was a good idea.[3]

During the events prior to the Set's attempt to destroy Elendel with a trellium-harmonium bomb, Dumad and his partner Getruda attempted several times to defeat Wax and Wayne. The final attempt was at the end of Wax and Wayne's assault on the Shaw, protecting the rocket which the lawmen had deduced was the delivery method for the bomb.[4] He was specifically trained by the Set in order to act as a counter to Waxillium Ladrian, but was ultimately defeated by Wayne after the pair decided to fight each other's doubles, rather than their own.[5] Despite Wax's warning to stay back from Dumad due to his Leecher powers, Wayne chose to grapple with the man. Dumad attempted to capture Wayne using a pair of aluminum handcuffs, but only succeeded in clamping one of Wayne's wrists. Wayne managed to clamp the other end to Dumad's wrist. Dumad used a duralumin-enhanced Steelpush to propel both he and Wayne high into the air, but before he could drink from his aluminum flask to burn steel to slow them down, he discovered that Wayne had swiped the flask and could only watch helplessly as Wayne flung the flask away from them into the mists. The pair slammed into the floor at great speed; Dumad was instantly killed, but Wayne's stored healing was just barely enough to allow him to get up and walk away, lamenting that they had fallen too fast for Dumad to hear his witty remarks. [1][expand]

Upon discovering that the rocket was in fact a decoy, and that the real bomb was on a Pewternaut already sailing towards Elendel, Wax and Wayne harvested the spikes from Dumad and Getruda's corpses. Wax was able to use the powers gained from Dumad's duralumin-giving spike to Steelpush directly from the Shaw to the sailing Pewternaut.[6][7]


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