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Type Warship
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Shadows of Self

Why do we need warships? The Basin is alone on land and on seas. From whom do we need protection?

The Pewternaut is a class of steel-hulled warships from Scadrial. They were developed by Lord Mayor Bastien Severington of Bilming along with Dr. Florin Malin around 342 PC.[1]

They are heavily-armored warships with reinforced hulls, electronic range-finders, and a total armament of sixteen 12-inch naval artillery guns, with a range of 16 miles. They are capable of reaching a top speed of 24 miles an hour. The Pewternaut represented a significant technological advancement compared to the clipper ships typically in use around the Basin.[1]

Senator Inis Julien and other members of a delegation from Elendel that were invited to the unveiling of the ships publicly mocked them as unnecessary.[1] This likely contributed to growing anti-Elendel sentiment in other cities, some of it incited by Lord Severington.[2]


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