Final Empire

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Final Empire
Final Empire.png
by Isaac Stewart
Capital Luthadel
World Scadrial
Featured In Mistborn trilogy

The Final Empire was the major state on Scadrial for over 1000 years.


Alendi conquered the world in anticipation of becoming the Hero of Ages. Rashek Ascended by taking the power at the Well of Ascension. He remade the world and created a number of new species including the Koloss and the Mistwraiths.

Rashek proclaimed himself the Lord Ruler. He ruled over his empire for about 1024 years.

Kelsier's crew planned the Skaa rebellion, resulting in the fall of the Final Empire. It was followed by the New Empire under Elend Venture.


The Final Empire consisted of several Dominances

The lands surrounding the Central Dominance, which held the capital, Luthadel, contained the seven Ashmounts; Tyrian, Zerinah, Faleast, Doriel, Morag, Kalling and Torinost. These seven mountains spewed ash into Scadrial's atmosphere, cooling the world down. This was the Lord Ruler's solution to his alterations of the planet's orbit.

Canals were used extensively, as the ash built up quickly away from civilization.


The Lord Ruler suppressed most technological advances, killing everyone who discovered gunpowder and the knowledge associated with it.[1] He did allow some advances such as the implementation of canneries, allowing for the easy storage of food. The currency includes Boxings and Clips.


The empire had a standing army around Luthadel including a number of garrisons. The Luthadel Garrison consisted of twenty thousand troops, mostly skaa, and many of the smaller towns in the Central Dominance had smaller Garrisons of their own, such as Valtroux and Holstep. There is also a substantial army of koloss who can be under the control of the Lord Ruler or a remote Inquisitor. The Canton of Inquisition itself are trained and formidable warriors, each one more than capable of overcoming any targets. Presumably the openly Mistborn and Misting Nobles can be required to form a militia under the Lord Ruler's command at any point. The Noble houses themselves operate guardsmen, militias and armies when necessary. In addition to this the Lord Ruler can field any of the kandra as covert operatives with the ability to accurately imitate and replace any target who's skeleton is available.

Atium Economy[edit]

The atium economy acts as one of the many ways Lord Ruler controlled the Final Empire.[expand]


History of Scadrial
Ascension of Rashek Final Empire Skaa rebellion
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