Zane Venture

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Zane Venture
Zane portrait.png
by User: Luaru
House Venture
Parents Straff
Siblings Elend
Died 1023 FE
Abilities Mistborn, Hemalurgist
Aliases The Watcher
Birthplace Luthadel
Ethnicity Skaa
World Scadrial
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Zane Venture was a skaa Mistborn on the planet of Scadrial.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He was the illegitimate son of Straff Venture, and half brother to Elend Venture. He shared with them brown, curly hair -- though his is shorter than his brother. He has a lean face, wiry build, and is of medium height. He often wore black [1]

Thanks to his harsh upbringing and a steel Hemalurgic spike in his chest which let him hear the destructive suggestions of Ruin, he had an unstable personality and exhibited insane behaviors, such as cutting himself. When God, or Ruin, spoke to him, he generally instructed Zane to kill those surrounding him. Zane refused because he didn't want his insanity to control him.[2]


Zane regularly "poisoned" his father, providing the assassination attempts Straff expected. After each of these Straff called for his former mistress Amaranta, who was a skilled herbalist.[2] Zane, however, was the lover of Amaranta and had convinced her to only make him think the constant poisonings were taking place.[3] She was actually giving him doses of an addictive substance that produced withdrawal effects that he assumed was poisoning.

He attempted to persuade Vin to elope with him and reacted violently, stabbing her, when she rejected him.

Although he was burning Atium at the time, Vin managed to kill him by looking for his reaction to her atium shadow and reacting accordingly.[4]

His Hemalurgic spike granted him increased power and great precision with Allomantic steel.[5] Zane spiked himself.[6]


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