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Dominance Terris Dominance
Nation Final Empire
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

Tathingdwen is the capital of the Terris Dominance of the Final Empire on Scadrial.[1]


It is not clear if Tathingdwen existed prior to the Ascension of the Lord Ruler, but in the Final Empire period, it contained the Synod, the ruling council of the Keepers.[2] Sazed had been to Tathingdwen, and when he left the city to join Kelsier's crew, he said he left in disgrace, with the common people cursing him.[3] This indicates that the common people knew of the Keepers.

After the Siege of Luthadel, Sazed falsely claimed to know the location of the Well of Ascension: Mount Derytatith. Sazed sent Vin and Elend Venture to Terris to find it, with Spook accompanying them. Vin later discovered the correct location of the Well--in Luthadel--using her enhanced Allomancy, and when she said that Sazed had lied to them, Spook confirmed it was true. Spook was to tell them it was false when they reached Tathingdwen, so they would not die in the Terris Mountains.[4] Vin and Elend turned back, heading back to Luthadel instead.

Dozens of Steel Inquisitors under Ruin's control, along with an army of koloss, attacked Tathingdwen around (or possibly after) the time of the Siege of Luthadel.[5] The local Terris forces fought the koloss as the Inquisitors hunted the Keepers and the Synod, presumably so the Inquisitors could steal their Feruchemical abilities with Hemalurgy. Tathingdwen was burned to the ground[6], and Terris was left in ruins. Spook and Elend met Terris refugees on their way back to Luthadel.[5]


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