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Type Mountain
Region Terris
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

That must be the Well returning to power, it is fortunate that I know where to find it. My research has revealed the location, Lady Vin.

Sazed to Vin and Elend[1]

Derytatith was a mountain in Terris during the Final Empire. It was one of the lower peaks in the Terris mountain ranges.[1]

Travel to Derytatith is impeded during parts of the year.[1]

In an attempt to save their lives, Sazed lied to Vin and Elend and convinced them that the Well of Ascension was located at Derytatith. He encouraged them to leave Luthadel and seek out the Well, arguing that their absence from the city would allow for a peaceful transition of power when Straff invaded. The pair agreed, setting off towards the Terris mountains the next morning, not realizing that Sazed believed that the city would fall and had fed them lies in order to spare them. [1]


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