Straff Venture

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Straff Venture
House Venture
Spouse Elend's mother
Children Elend, Zane
Died 1023 FE
Abilities Tineye
Residence Urteau
Ethnicity Noble
World Scadrial
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Straff Venture was a noble Misting on the planet of Scadrial. He was the head of the Venture family, the most powerful great house of the the high nobility.

He was the father of Elend and Zane, and sired many other illegitimate children in an attempt to acquire Mistborn. However, he was only able to obtain one; in the process, however, he did obtain enough Mistings to create a considerably sized fighting force. He was also 'very fond of skaa brothels' according to Elend.[1]

During the Final Empire, Straff was the head of the most powerful of the nobility, and controlled the atium mines at the Pits of Hathsin for the Lord Ruler.

After the fall of the Lord Ruler, he proclaimed himself king of the Northern Dominance. After securing this area, he laid siege to Luthadel in order to gain possession of the Lord Ruler's fabled atium cache.

He invited Elend over to his warcamp for a meeting, and the situation escalates until Straff sends his guards to kill Elend, but Elend uses Vin to threaten Straff, and Vin manipulates Straff's emotions. Straff succumbs to his fear and lets Elend and Vin leave unharmed. After this encounter, Straff becomes terrified of Vin, commanding Zane to kill her.

He was poisoned by Amaranta after he spurned her.[2]

He was killed by Vin after letting the koloss army attack Luthadel. Control of his army was given to Janarle who was forced to swear allegiance to Elend.

He was openly known as a tineye.[3]


Straff is German for tautly.


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