Steel Ministry

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Steel Ministry
Steel Ministry.png
by Francis Goeltner
World Scadrial
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

The Steel Ministry was one of the Lord Ruler's governmental organizations.

The nobility at court used obligators to witness a myriad of things, even something as simple as a promise to come to a game of shelldry.[1]


The cantons were the four subsections of the Steel Ministry.

Canton of Orthodoxy
Organised the Steel Ministry and looked after the religious side of things. Almost all contracts and dealings of any form needs to be authorized by it.
Canton of Finance
The Final Empire's bank.
Canton of Resource
Tasked with trade, transport, and taxation.
Canton of Inquisition
Organised the Steel Inquisitors and acted as law enforcement over the Allomancer community.


The obligators would have been called in to witness or approve of anything significant going on in the Final Empire. They were needed every time a deal was made between nobles and were often called to witness more mundane things. Through the obligators, Lord Ruler have control over many activities since they witnessed so many things in the Final Empire.

In addition to their bureaucratic functions, the obligators served as the Lord Ruler's religious leaders. They would teach the Lord Ruler's religion to skaa and noblemen alike.

Obligators were notable in having a deep faith in the religion surrounding the Lord Ruler and having intricate tattoos around their eyes, the significance of which is unknown.

Obligators can marry.[2]

The higher ranking obligators
Lord Prelan
Highest ranking member of the Steel Ministry.
High Prelan
Steel Inquisitor
One of the Hemalurgic creations of the Steel Ministry



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