Conventical of Seran

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Conventical of Seran
Region Eastern Dominance
World Scadrial
Featured In Mistborn trilogy

The Conventical of Seran is a fortress of the Canton of Inquisition on Scadrial.

After the Lord Ruler's death, the Inquisitors and obligators retreat to it.[1] It is situated at the bottom of a large depression in the land, surrounded by gently sloping hills.

The Conventical is built from dark stone and has steel plates bolted to some of the outside sections of the building. Inside, it is almost completely black, as the fortress has no exterior windows. The interior walls also have steel sheets bolted to the walls, and unlike the plates on the outside, are buffed to create patterns and shapes on the walls.[2] There are square, steel-sheathed pillars in some of the rooms, and a staircase which leads both up to the Inquisitor's quarters and down to the chamber holding Kwaan's inscription, and the table where new Inquisitors are made.[2]

Sazed and Marsh visit and find it empty, abandoned. Sazed also finds and copies the inscription for later study.[2] His copy is later altered by Ruin, leading to Ruin's release from the Well of Ascension.[3]


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