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The Allomantic symbol for lerasium

Lerasium is a god metal. A normal person burning lerasium becomes a Mistborn. A Misting or Mistborn burning lerasium drastically increases their powers. Feruchemists can use lerasium to store an unknown quality, and when used as a Hemalurgic spike, lerasium steals all abilities.

Lerasium is notable as it is the condensed power of the Shard Preservation. The only known source were beads found at the Well of Ascension. Presumably, the name "lerasium" is inherited from Leras, the name of the original holder of the Shard Preservation, just as the name "atium" is inherited from Ati, the original holder of the Shard Ruin.

Allomantic Use[edit]

For normal people, burning lerasium forges a permanent Connection between them and Preservation, turning them into very powerful Mistborn by rewriting their spiritual DNA.[1] For people who are already Mistborn, the same effect increases their power.[2] However, turning people into Mistborn is only a side effect of burning lerasium; if someone who knew how to use it correctly were to burn it, it would have a different, as of yet unknown, effect.[3] Someone knowledgeable enough could use the rewrite of their spiritual DNA to achieve a different result than becoming a Mistborn.[4][5] Burning duralumin in conjunction with lerasium does not have any effect on the strength of the Mistborn created.[6]

Alloys of lerasium have the side effect of turning those who burn them into Mistings of the metal lerasium is alloyed with.[7][8] Alloys of lerasium and other god metals can make the those who burn them gain the Investiture associated with the god metal.[9] The primary effects of lerasium alloys are also unknown.


If someone were able to burn the amount of lerasium needed to become an Allomantic savant with the metal, they would ascend and become the holder of Preservation, similar to what happened when Vin consumed the mists.[10] This is due to the nature of the metal as the condensed power of Preservation.

Feruchemical Use[edit]

The Feruchemical symbol for lerasium

Lerasium, when used by a Feruchemist, has unknown properties.

Hemalurgic Use[edit]

When used as a Hemalurgic spike, lerasium steals all abilities.[11]


  • Alloying lerasium and atium after Preservation and Ruin combined will not give harmonium. While it would not be possible to get atium and lerasium from harmonium through distillation or other mundane methods, some supernatural means may be achievable.[12]


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