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by Kyle Pearson
Died 1025 FE
Abilities Shard of Ruin
Titles Ruin
Aliases Frue[1]
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1
Ati was once a kind and generous man, and you saw what became of him.
The Letter[2]

Ati is a human and the original Vessel of the Shard Ruin. When he was killed by Vin and separated from his shard, it is revealed that he has red hair. [3]

Ati became the Vessel for Ruin through unknown means. He was originally a kind and generous person, but over the course of holding Ruin, his personality was twisted by the influence of his Shard.[4] Because of this, he became the embodiment of the natural force of entropy, and wished to destroy everything. His desires have only been kept in check by Leras, the Vessel of the Shard of his opposing force, Preservation.

Leras was weakened over time, unable to defeat his opponent due to the inherent protective nature of Preservation. This caused him to pass the shard to Vin, who could defeat Ati before the personality-altering effects could prevent her from doing so. Ati is killed by Vin-as-Preservation when she sacrifices herself for that purpose. This enables Sazed to take the Shards Ruin and Preservation, combining them into Harmony.

'Atium' is the god metal named after the man/god Ati, and is said to be Ruin's 'body'.


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